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e by little under the erosion of the evil spirit of the white bones. It no longer was so thick and became as fragile as decayed bone.


Feb 16, 2024

There is no need for the White Bone Temple Master to take any action. When the shrimp shell becomes like this, just by using its own surging Qi and blood, it has already begun to open up the fragile bone carapace. crack.
/Soon, in the torrential rain of blood, only the White Bone Temple Master was left, controlling the forest-white magic flame with one hand, and then continuously smelting the figure of the fruit demon pill.
It’s just that it hasn’t waited for the White Bone Temple Master to pour the power of the smelted Tao Fruit into the Pure Land Cave.
When the fierce Qi suddenly bloomed, Kui Lao’s figure was already revealed in front of him.
“Shu Zi! Die!”
It wasn’t until the words fell that the Master of White Bone Temple raised his head as if he was in hindsight.
It’s just that there was no expression of surprise on his face, instead there was a slightly playful smile.
In the next moment, a stream of colorful spiritual light shone through the sky, tearing apart the blood mist and rain curtains all over the sky.
Immediately afterwards, the owner of Baihua House stepped on the Evil Qi Tianhe and headed straight towards Mr. Kui.
“I haven’t been to the open sea for many years. Why did I just show up and see you, this old bastard?”
The beautiful Baihua Qi Tianhe suddenly collided with Kui Lao’s vigorous energy in the strong wind and rain.
Qi machines that are both in the extremely high and deep stages of the Golden elixir realm are attacking each other in various fields at this moment. The continuous Qi machines are revealed in a flash, turning into one after another extremely fierce wind. The blade pierced through the huge waves where the two of them were standing.
It is precisely because of this that there is a clear “pass” in the huge waves that are like rolling mountains.
The two people’s cultivation realms are completely different, and the Taoist methods they used without using their true foundation to carry out life-and-death attacks are also completely different.
At this time, Baihua Host’s expression was still carefree, but Kui Lao’s expression changed little by little, and a gloomy expression was added to his already cold face.
Because of this stalemate, no one of them could do anything with each passing breath of time, but the uncontrollable aftermath spread, and all those killed were demon cultivators, as well as the huge wave itself that was building momentum.
/Even this impact on the fate of the huge wave itself is more like shaking the nine-fold altar in the air.
At least, because of the stalemate at this moment, the Ray Mother, who was about to arrive shortly after, had to stop and presided over the nine-fold talisman formation together with the Nine-Yuan Snail Saint to preside over this disaster outside the sea. The gateway and core.
Xu also saw clearly what Kui Lao was doing right now. In the same place, the White Bone Temple Master, who poured all the

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