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t an instant, this “expansion” itself has exceeded the majestic appearance that Chu Weiyang showed in the past. Suddenly, it went from being a few people tall to more than ten people tall, and then to dozens of people. high.


Feb 16, 2024

Really, at this moment, the world became small and vast at the same time in Chu Weiyang’s eyes.
The sudden and violent expansion taught Chu Weiyang to quickly lose the real concept of size.
He no longer uses one person’s height to anchor his changes.
At this time, Chu Weiyang returned more attention to the changes in his body shape.
The expansion itself is just a change in body size. At the same time, as the True Shape Illustration is infused with the energy of heaven and earth, it is inevitable that the meaning of Tao and Dharma itself will be deeply implanted in one’s physical body. At the same time, it was also prompted to the appearance of the body shape and was revealed. This is the reason why this way is this way.
/Dharma is the expression of Tao, and appearance is the shape of Tao.
In an instant, along with the change in body shape, the bright light of the Taiyin thunder and blood flames all flowed on the surface of Chu Weiyang’s body, as if there was a thunder pool hanging on the ceiling, and then thunderous liquid poured and swayed like a vast ocean, At the same time, the essence of the great medicine that was originally melted into Chu Weiyang’s magic power was further stimulated.
/Pei Ran’s aura again pulled an even larger amount of heaven and earth energy to surge forward. Almost instantly, a ferocious appearance that seemed to be the original way of forging the body was revealed. Thunder and fireworks intertwined into black and red scales. They are all draped on all Chu Weiyang’s figures that can be observed.
The scale armor itself fits Chu Weiyang’s figure perfectly. At first glance, it looks half like a battle armor, and half like a truly ferocious and demonic creature.
But Chu Weiyang could understand that all these changes had no trace of the blood evil spirit of monsters and beasts. They were the appearance reflected by pure Taoism, and were just part of the true form of the dragon phase that was more in line with this Taoism.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang no longer had the Huanshou Sword in his hand, but with the same vigor running through the True Form Catalog, the Huanshou Sword also glowed with the magic weapon level.
As time passed, the scales on Chu Weiyang’s hands and forearms seemed to be cracked. On the side facing outward, it was like some kind of bone cracked, piercing the skin, and then appeared under the influx of vitality. It turned into two long and narrow silver-gray swords.
When he looked carefully, Chu Weiyang’s forehead had a slight bulge, and the bones of his face also changed slightly. It looked half like a dragon, half like a human face, but it was like this. When they are intertwined, they look ferocious and terrifying again.
This is the reason why the skills have not yet been polished to perfection.
But all the orderly changes stop there.

By sangna