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e suddenly became louder due to the emergence of some embarrassing emotions.


Feb 16, 2024

“Old Xing, the barrier is not here, the barrier is that Jin Dan may not be dead.”
“Not only that, even the monk may not be dead. They escaped. Although I don’t know where they fled, they probably escaped.”
When the words fell, the sound of turbulent churning suddenly became stronger again.
/“But has Yunfu Old Taoist ever said anything about such a thing?”
“I asked him for a fortune telling, and the old man said it wasn’t anything bad. If I pressed him again, he said he couldn’t tell anything. But Lao Xing, you have to understand that this is an abnormal thing after all, and all evil changes are inevitable. It’s better to teach everyone to know, and the period when you are stationed is also particularly important. If there is any surprise in the future, it is best to prepare in advance, and ”
“What else?”
“It was the Yunfu Taoist who taught me to tell everyone that he has three pages of the “Qionglin Yujing Alliance Book” in his possession. Some time ago, he got the feeling that the “Jade Book” of the Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm has appeared in the world!”
When the words fell, the churning sound in the dim torrent suddenly stopped.
Complete silence.
“Old Xing” seemed to be shocked by what he said. After a long silence, he sighed again.
“Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm”
When the sighs fell, it was the violent sound of the turbulence being stirred up like never before. It was as if a divine form was about to emerge completely from being submerged and buried in the turbulence!
And the voice of “Lao Xing” continued to sound unhurriedly.
“Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, is this the last “Jade Book” in the world? In the past, we agreed to leave a fire, but now it’s time for this fire to be ignited.
Time flies by so fast. When I was far away in the past, I once thought that relying on my supreme talent and fighting power, I could decide the outcome in one battle! Unexpectedly, many years were wasted
Moreover, the Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm and the Tai Xuan Zhen Realm have been ‘collided and smelted’ into a coherent whole in the sudden change. From this point of view, it seems that the things about the boundary gate and the monk can be connected in series. . ”
When the words fell, the dull voice actually sighed.
“Like you and me, our lives are not in danger, and the Taoist techniques we perform are almost permanent and difficult. Looking back further, the true methods of the immortals are even more permanent and difficult to come by. However, what has become of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths now? Whenever there is a sudden change, it is always the persistence and change of the Tao that is destroyed by man-made disasters.”
The sound of turbulent churning has been faint for a while.
Probably because he wanted to talk about something important, “Old Xing” lowered his voice, and his voice, which was originally hoarse due to his strong energy, also became weak due to his own hoarseness.
“I remember that it was rumored that the Taiyi Jade Em

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