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e the catastrophe delay, The only one who is unlucky is Chan Jiao, who shouldn’t have done such an unwise thing.


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“Every word of the little demon is true. With the sword as proof, how can it be false?”
Daji’s trembling voice was filled with sorrow, and the wooden sword in her hand was genuine. This made Nuwa even more confused. She couldn’t figure out what Yun Zhongzi wanted to do, whether he was the one who made the decision or was instructed by Yuanshi Tianzun.
Is Yuanshi Tianzun crazy?
/Yuanshi Tianzun will not be crazy, only Yun Zhongzi is crazy.
“Does King Zhou know your heel?”
“I already know that this broken sword was handed over to Xiaoyao by Yun Zhongzi.”
Daji cried louder and louder: “The little demon is willing to do anything for the Queen. Even though Yun Zhongzi has great magic power, the little demon is not afraid, but the ignorant and ignorant king already knows the little demon’s footsteps and the mission that the Queen has ordered. The little demon is afraid yes”
“What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that Yun Zhongzi will kill you?”
Yes, the nine-tailed fox is not a cat demon with nine lives. When it dies, it is really dead.
Daji did want to retreat, but when she heard Nuwa’s voice was ethereal, she could not tell whether she was happy or angry. She kowtowed repeatedly and said, “The little demon is not afraid of death, but the Yun Zhongzi is blocking it. With him standing in the way, the little demon is afraid of death.” I can’t get close to Hun Jun, so I came to see you out of desperation.”
“You go to Chaoge yourself. Yun Zhongzi doesn’t dare to do anything to you.”
“But the little demon was framed by Yun Zhongzi, and now his heels are exposed. How can he still confuse the Hunjun?”
Nuwa didn’t say anything. The vixen’s job was to seduce people. How to confuse the foolish king was the question that the witch should consider, not her who gave the order.
As an old master, Nuwa Empress wanted status and status. Such words were not suitable to come out of her mouth. She hoped that the nine-tailed vixen would wake up on her own.
Daji had long since woken up, but she refused to say anything and looked at Nuwa with tears in her eyes. She was so pitiful.
You’re a waste, you can’t even take on any big things, so what’s the use of you!
Nuwa was sullen in her heart. She suddenly frowned and said in a cold voice: “That Hunjun is on his way on horseback. He is quite scheming and wants to see who your master is!”
“My dear, the little demon has no intention of doing this. It was not me who lured the Hunjun here.”
/Daji was horrified and hurriedly explained: “I’m afraid that the Hunjun listened to Yun Zhongzi’s slander and used the broken sword to test the little demon’s mind. When he noticed that I was not in the palace, he became murderous and pursued me all the way here.”
“How can he keep up with you in this mortal body?”
Touching on the blind spot of knowledge, Daji didn’t know how to explain it, so she had to put the blame on Yun Zhongzi’s head.
“Step aside and don’t make a sound. I want t

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