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living beings who have already been reincarnated and then established their lives, at this moment, they may have had an unprovoked enlightenment in the process of cultivating Taoism and refining the law, they may have seen immortality in their sleep, or they may have been reshaped between death and life. The essence of form and spirit is reshaping the innate foundation due to acquired circumstances.


Feb 16, 2024

At the same time, when these auras are intertwined and resonate with each other on another level with the scriptures of all things and gods, almost in an instant, such a vast and vast aura seems to come out of nowhere almost in an instant. You can follow the interweaving and resonance of that sutra in an unreserved way, and reflect it smoothly and uniformly into the Yujing Mountain.
This coherence at the level of Taoism and Dharma is the Yujing Dharma Association’s previous accumulation of transformation and sublimation.
In particular, along with the process of all phenomena and heavenly beings, Xianjiu walked towards the road of integrating Yin and Yang and making the universe a unified one.
When the Taoism carried by its spiritual form has achieved a certain degree of perfection, which is both the true form and the opening of the sky, perfect and perfect.
And when the same innate Tao body and Tao body, the Dharma principles penetrate the blood essence and are vigorous and vigorous, and are connected by the aura, when the Tao Dharma of all phenomena resonates with all living things.
Maybe it’s somewhere in the dark, or in a dream, or in the process of practice where you are so immersed in concentration that you forget about it, or when you accidentally knock on the door to enlightenment because of your own talents, you suddenly realize In a trance, all living beings who have the opportunity to arrive may have an insight into the discussion between heaven and man, and the transmission of Dharma in spiritual form.
That is the myriad phenomena of Taoism accumulated by Chu Weiyang rotating in the three realms of the Taoist field. It is the result of the shaping of the different innate Taoist bodies and the cultivation of different Taoisms along with the methods inherited by the cultivators. , and the confirmation of the origin of heaven and earth’s Taoism, which in turn triggered the evolution and perfection of Chu Weiyang’s innate all-seeing Taoism.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang felt something vaguely, that kind of rotation that transcended the concept of the body, in which he was practicing and interpreting Taoism and the huge outline of agility.
/That is the harmony between nature and Taoism.
Moreover, at this moment, everything is just the beginning of change, just like Chu Weiyang is slowly pulling the vast and colorful sea of ????stars, inducing the reincarnation of the unimaginable true spirit that could not be imagined in the eternity of time.
At this moment, the majestic aura that was already shaking the three realms of the dojo contained nothing more than that dead branch.
/In particular, there is an anci

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