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rying the supreme charm of Tianxin Dao Lei, carrying the brilliant brilliance, breaking through the barrier of mystery, and escaping. Enter the inner scene of the Nine Heavens.


Feb 16, 2024

In an instant, the pages of “The Golden Seal of the Spiritual Book” were turned over, and the name of the real person was written on it.
The Five Spirits Yunmiao Zhenren is widely spread throughout the world.
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As for today’s Yuan letter for cultivating Taoism, what is actually needed is this kind of inspiration about the pass. As for Chu Weiyang, it is true that the Taoist does not understand the true profound meaning and charm of Tianxin Thunder Method, let alone To be precise, Chu Weiyang is walking on the path of chaos based on the evolution of yin and yang when it comes to his understanding and application of thunder methods.
But it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know it well. Chu Weiyang, who completely controls the cave of the dojo, can easily pull all the qi of all phenomena. In front of Yunhan, with the natural rhythm, the qi are intertwined and unified into the hazy meaning of the heart of heaven.
He does not need to understand, he only needs to be able to apply it and be inspired by the true insights.
In particular, when such natural rhythms are used, such a process of interweaving and becoming unified among the qi under Chu Weiyang’s traction and control is truly transmitted to Chu Weiyang through the way of participating in the three elements. At the time of writing, this insight itself could never be clearer than the connection of Shen Yuan.
Sure enough, it was in this relationship that Yunhan truly took this step beyond the barriers!
The five-element thunder rotates and evolves into immeasurable true thunder, and all the true thunders of all phenomena are unified into the heavenly heart thunder!
And perhaps, it is precisely because of the extreme specialness of this step beyond the barrier that in the charm of Tianxin composed of all the qi, the manifestation of thunder is not as tangible and clear as the five elements and yin and yang. On the contrary, Tianxin itself It is condensed from the qi of all things, but it itself seems to be formless and omnipresent.
Its charm and Taoist principles are extremely mysterious.
It is precisely because of this that Dang Yunhan jumped out of the fence because of the Tianxin Dao Lei, and used the magical jade fruit of “Mastering the Five Thunders” to completely open up the dojo, establishing a firm foothold in the divine realm. after.
When one step further, after Yunhan’s Dao Fruit passed into the dojo, the aura that communicated with the heaven and earth suddenly rose up out of the air at this moment, following the most intimate connection!
/Compared with the Lingfu Cave Heaven and the Taiyin Demons Feng Sheng Heaven, it is obvious that Yunhan’s Taoist charm is most closely linked to the Nine Heavens of the Inner Scene created by Chu Weiyang.
Even taking into account Yunhan’s background in the Xuan family, and his solitude and tranquility in cultivation for many years,

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