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Wanzhu went further and entangled his thoughts into a mess again.


Feb 15, 2024

Then, when the familiar touch gradually swept away the annoyance in her mind, pulling her sanity bit by bit, she returned to the present world bit by bit from the edge of the cliff that was on the verge of collapse.
With the troubling thoughts that were still lumped into a mess, almost instinctively, Gong Wanzhu wrapped his arms around Chu Weiyang’s waist in a way that was almost attached and obsessed, and held the beautiful face deeply. It was buried deep into Chu Weiyang’s chest, accompanied by trembling and whimpering sounds like a young animal.
/This is what Chu Weiyang wants to achieve with his own practical education.
However, when he started to speak again, Chu Weiyang suddenly shook the nine-section bamboo stick in his hand towards Gong Wanzhu.
“In the past, when I went far away in the twilight and troubled world, only the cultivators in the two realms and heavens were rushing. In the thick dusk and mist, many unbearable things happened. I had no choice but to kill the cultivators in the two realms and heavens myself, but I couldn’t bear it. The exquisite charm of Taoism was somewhat damaged, and then this treasure was created.
The fault is that today I want to save your life. Normally, I would not show it to others easily. After all, life and death are ordinary things. Once the news spreads, I will be in big trouble after all. But now that I have taught you to see it, We must keep this secret for Pindao! ”
These words have nothing to do with the Hunmeng method or the Blood Spirit Talisman.
/But at this moment, Gong Wanzhu, whose state of mind was still in the process of gradually becoming stable, for no reason, just listened to Chu Weiyang’s slightly hoarse and cold voice, and suddenly changed from his soul to his Taoist heart. All thoughts and thoughts are wandering in a kind of indescribable peace.
Furthermore, when it was clear that there was no connection, it was as if Gong Wanzhu had figured out the “deep meaning”.
She seemed to have seen the figure in the green robe who was traveling alone in the world in the past, and saw the figure who, in the dusk and mist, inadvertently, due to some special experience, suddenly cultivated in the two worlds of heaven. He has an insight into the essence of the Hunmeng Dharma.
Or perhaps, this essential understanding had been deeply planted with the long-lasting memory when Chu Weiyang integrated with the spiritual thoughts of his ancestors. The secrets of the long-ago era were obscured by the years and passed down in this way. It came into the present world, and was confirmed by Chu Weiyang in that dim and troubled world.
This is the so-called “big trouble”, and this is the secret that Gong Wanzhu needs to keep!
So, when he heard this, Gong Wanzhu thought about this and nodded heavily without any hesitation.
“Master, don’t worry. Disciples must be ordered to keep these secrets! If a single word is leaked, the disciples will be destroyed physically and mentally, and they will never

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