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ry of magical power is far more than just the practice of magical power itself, magical power is a key, a key that can open the door to transcendence. Every monk walking on the path to the divine realm is trying to learn from heaven and earth. , heaven and earth, yin and yang rotate in cycles, transcend and achieve freedom.


Feb 15, 2024

It can even be said without exaggeration that the key to cultivating magical powers is the key to cultivating the Divine Realm and the Kaitian Dharma.
Cultivating supernatural powers is cultivating the path to transcendence!
And it was this kind of thinking that further made Chu Weiyang fall into deep thought.
Supernatural powers are already such a top priority.
So what about this insight into one’s own body? Through the achievements of his master Yuting, he further gained insight into the evolution and rotation of Taoism. It has never shined clearly between heaven and earth and in the eyes of the world. Chu Weiyang even felt that that extremely high level It may be the essence of Tao and Dharma.
Is this comparable to supernatural powers?
Chu Weiyang had no way of knowing, but this state of enlightenment was reflected by the energy of heaven and earth.
It seems that before the Taoist figured out this question, the reflection of the qi of heaven and earth had given Chu Weiyang evidence and approval.
This is an existence comparable to supernatural powers!
Perhaps, then, this means another path on the path to transcendence, one that goes hand in hand with the practice of supernatural powers.
So what kind of path would this be? It was able to give Chu Weiyang such strong interweaving and resonance early when Shi Yuting still only had a hazy insight, and today, he is enlightened in an unprecedented way. territory?
At first glance, this seems to be an existence that is far more obscure and elusive than the existence of the supernatural power itself, the appearance of the magical power jade fruit, and the bejeweled characters in the supernatural power sutra.
It seems that one needs to understand and absorb from the rotation of Tao and Dharma, and in this process, all the rotations themselves are mixed into the pure Tao and Dharma.
Even though he was able to pick up the Tao Fruit from his teacher Yuting, and now he is able to stop in the realm of enlightenment, the obscurity and elusiveness itself still taught Chu Weiyang, who was “omnipotent” in Taoism at this moment, that for a moment It is difficult to refine it even for a moment.
But he had vaguely realized something.
Completely confused in the rotation of Taoism.
/This is the way to look within yourself.
However, Chu Weiyang practiced both methods in one body. The Opening Heaven Method has already melted the three realms of the Taoist field, and the only Taoist method that seeks within oneself is the True Form Method.
The path to condensing the essence of the true form is actually to revolve around the heavens, splitting the inner and outer senses to form a cycle, and to transcend one’s true form through detachment. This is what ha

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