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across the huge Yujing Mountain, the passage of time and years was frozen for a flash of lightning.


Feb 15, 2024

And at this frozen moment, in Lingfu Cave, on the top of Langxiao Mountain, under the peach fruit tree, Dao Hengzi Faxiang also raised his hand, looking in the direction of Jiutian in the distance, towards Taiyi Jade Emperor Tianjiang Push away with your palm.
In an instant, rain fell from the mountains and rivers, and in that flash of time frozen in time, the torrential rain seemed like a downpour, spreading over the entire Taiyi Jade Emperor’s sky and the entire Jade Capital Mountain.
And in this majestic Sumeru rain, every drop of rain is actually a pocket but complete rotation of Sumeru power.
/A drop of rainwater is like a mustard seed containing Sumeru.
And all of a sudden, as the torrential rain fell on the Yujing Mountain, the mist of rain and mist steamed up in an instant, covering the huge Yujing Mountain on the one hand, and steaming upward on the other, leading to the light wind. The straight blowing wind connected all the clouds in the sky.
And what is also connected to this is the majestic charm that belongs to the Yujing Mountain Dharma Assembly, which clearly belongs to the established universe of heaven and earth that has just been wandering and brewing.
The true essence of creation seems to be intercepted at this moment with the rain of Sumeru.
Almost instantly, in the Taiyi Jade Emperor’s sky, the sky was waiting to be fainted, and the mysterious aura belonging to the Dharma Assembly and the realm of enlightenment that had been completely eliminated in the invisible was absorbed by the power of Sumeru in the rain and mist. Confined.
Also being changed by the transpiration of rain and mist is the entire Taiyi Jade Emperor Heaven and the entire huge Yujing Mountain.
At this moment, it seems that there are countless caves that are born from the Yujing Mountain in a way that is both virtual and real. Every rugged rock and under the shadow of the grass and trees is an extension of the Xumi Cave, and it is precisely in these The moment the cave and sky opened up.
During this process, the afterglow of the Dharma assembly in the sky was restrained, and all of it poured into the cave sky of all realms along with the rain and mist itself. Following closely behind, there were clouds that filled the sky with colorful glow. mist.
Taking the charm of all phenomena as the origin of the cave sky, layers of clouds and mist condense the palace attic.
When I looked again in an instant, in the frozen time, the countless jade-like strange gods, all wrapped in the different charms and radiance of the majestic Taoism, walked into the must-see. Sitting in the mist hall of the Cloud Palace in the cavernous sky, the glow and charm converged in an instant. When I looked at it again, I saw that it was no different from a jade carving.
Furthermore, in the next flash, with the “Xumi Temples” one after another being erected one after another, with the majestic charm and radiance condensing towards the figure o

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