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an Dandan looked at the Qidian coins in his Qidian Reading APP. He was in a good mood and no longer looked at Liu Changan with reluctance and vigilance.


Feb 15, 2024

“Modern life is all about mobile phones and and and and and”
“And the thing you bought me.” Shangguan Dandan’s cheeks turned red.
Modern life is about mobile phones and sanitary napkins. Liu Changan nodded in approval, “I’ll buy you some tomorrow.”
Shangguan Dantan couldn’t resist, biting his lips and nodding with shame. This must be his filial piety.
“I’m going to play cards.” Liu Changan was quite satisfied with tonight’s communication. He wanted to proceed step by step. Shangguan Dandan didn’t have the kind of open-hearted trust towards him, so she still wouldn’t say anything he wanted to know. .
But Liu Changan is not in a hurry, he can move her, and as time goes by, she will find that he is full of kindness, kindness, brightness and magnanimity.
“Would you like to go out for a walk?” Liu Changan suggested again.
Shangguan Dandan shook his head. She just looked at her phone and clicked her fingers on it. The world seemed extremely dangerous, so lying in the coffin and playing with her phone made the girl who had just woken up feel safer.
Liu Changan originally wanted to teach her how to use the bathroom, but think about it, she hasn’t taken a bath in more than two thousand years. Why is she still as fragrant and soft as before? She probably had her own way. Liu Changan didn’t do anything, so he walked out to play cards.
Old Man Qian is already waiting for Liu Changan in the mahjong parlor. Even though he lost by beating Hu Hu away last time, he can still regain his place at the mahjong table. After all, playing mahjong well is the real ability to win in the community. , why is Liu Changan so popular in the community? Everyone gave him gifts for his college entrance examination. Usually, he had more dignity than Old Man Qian when he got credit from Aunt Xie. When he played cards, everyone was more willing to stand behind him and watch, and they didn’t dare to casually suggest playing cards. It was because Liu Changan was good at playing mahjong. ?
/Liu Changan actually didn’t lose or win, but Old Man Qian put the blame on him. Liu Changan felt wronged, but he was very satisfied. Then he and Old Man Qian went to the canteen to buy beer and chatted for a while about the wonderful card games they were so proud of. Dispersed.
/The armored transport truck under the sycamore tree had been stolen. Neither Liu Changan nor Qin Yanan had any intention of pursuing it. The one that brought back the coffin was also driven away by Zhongqing, who was quick and efficient. Liu Changan lowered his head and looked at it. The shadow of the sycamore tree, under the bright moonlight tonight, the shadow cast by the sycamore tree is particularly like a bat with its wings spread.
Liu Changan took a sip from the beer bottle. If Professor Crick was not dead, he might have brought it to him if Liu Changan asked him to take it.
Liu Changan stretched out his

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