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more advanced level. It is just a matter of understanding the Dharma, grabbing everything, and integrating it into the Tao and Dharma of one’s own body.


Feb 15, 2024

Today’s changes themselves mean that Chu Weiyang is truly walking on this path, on the truly correct path for the advancement of all things Taoism.
And it was at this moment when Chu Weiyang realized that in the wind, rain and thunder, the power of the birth and dissolution of the colorful divine flowers in the worlds was also subtly integrated into the turbulent turning process of the storm. When going.
/In the process of using this method, Chu Weiyang gained a deeper understanding of the Taoism he mastered.
The “blood sacrifice” that the ferocious beast spontaneously carried out finally reached the peak of its most crazy instinct and reached the ultimate point of the “blood sacrifice” itself.
That also means that when the ferocious beast sacrifices almost all its energy and blood into the storm, its form and spirit will be completely destroyed, and with it the end of its life. , there is only the tiniest remnant.
This is clearly the most desolate and desolate situation in which his life is like a candle in the wind.
In that cycle of life and death, the real terror is shaking the remaining spirituality.
/But at this moment, in the intense beastly emotion, Chu Weiyang only felt joy, pure joy.
Chu Weiyang never thought that one day, he would feel the power that shocked his body and mind from the emotion of that beast.
It was a touch that had never been written down in words or condensed into heart sounds, but it taught Chu Weiyang to see the essence of a certain proverb spoken in ancient books.
If you hear the Tao in the morning, you will die in the evening.
That is the ultimate beauty and magnificence in the purity of Taoism.
It is the swan song of the end of life itself after the extremely long years have passed for the creatures in this troubled world, from the Taoism to the vastness, from the old world to the troubled world, from the world to the ocean. .
And it is precisely through such emotions that are completely and unreservedly vented.
The life of the ferocious beast was dimmed, and its most authentic and essential form and spirit disintegrated in the storm at this moment.
So, in the blood mist and storm that filled the sky, Chu Weiyang saw the disintegration of the ferocious beast form, and saw the withered and gray human form appearing in the final wasting away of all forms.
In an instant, when the withered and gray human form emerged from the collapse of the original ferocious beast appearance.
The wind stopped and the rain stopped.
The thunder and rain waterfall disappeared without a trace.
The world-destroying natural disasters in the distant sky were all suspended in the vast sea at this moment.
The tiny details of this flashing moment are enough to prove that such a majestic world-destroying natural disaster itself, its nature and Taoism are highly integrated and turbulent, and every trace of power contained in it is still in the Ta

By sangna