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the ball over, you can block it with your hand, it’s a shame. No matter if it’s a collision, if you take it for a while, the matter will be over.”


Feb 15, 2024

“Are you sick?” An Nuan looked at Chen Changxiu in disbelief. Some people in the school were making noises and always brought her and Chen Changxiu together, making Chen Changxiu think that he had some responsibility and attitude toward An Nuan. .
“Don’t protect him. He can throw a ball in your face, but I can’t throw it in his face?” Chen Changxiu felt jealous when he saw An Nuan defending Liu Changan. He knew that An Nuan often went to school with Liu Changan. It’s just that as a resident student, I really don’t have this opportunity, so I gave the two of them more time to be alone together.
An Nuan also wanted Chen Changxiu to give up this attention, but Liu Changan nodded.
“He’s using a basketball!” An Nuan was a little anxious. Liu Changan looked very handsome when he reached out to catch the ball in the gym, but was this the time to be cool with Chen Changxiu? Basketball is much heavier than volleyball, not to mention that it is not impossible for Chen Changxiu to accidentally smash his face and deform it.
An Nuan was about to say something, but Liu Changan reached over and covered her mouth, and stretched his other hand forward.
Chen Changxiu unexpectedly made a sneak attack. Before Liu Changan was ready, while An Nuan was talking to Liu Changan, he hit the basketball hard at Liu Changan.
He was very sure that at such a close distance, Liu Changan would not be able to avoid it even if he could jump like a monkey. He was determined to smash Liu Changan’s nose so that it would bleed all over his face.
The basketball and the palm collided, making a dull and impactful sound.
Chen Changxiu was stunned. The basketball was actually firmly grasped by Liu Changan. An Nuan looked at Liu Changan in surprise. For him, it seemed that there was no difference whether it was volleyball or basketball.
Liu Changan released his hand covering An Nuan’s mouth, held the ball with both hands, and threw it from a distance.
A perfect parabola, the shadow of the basketball crossed the court, passed over many people who were active, jumping, and in a daze, and fell steadily into the basket. After spinning a few times, it fell down and bounced on the ground. Jump.
“What a coincidence.” Liu Changan clapped his hands and pulled the dazed An Nuan away.
After walking a few steps, An Nuan looked down at Liu Changan holding her hand. His hands were slender and fair. They were the hands that people thought were suitable for playing the piano. Such hands should be able to play moving music, but she didn’t expect it. He can throw a perfect curve.
/Moreover, his hands were warm, making An Nuan feel like a kind of warmth was being transferred up and penetrated into her heart.
“Did you just spit into the palm of my hand?” Liu Changan let go of An Nuan’s hand and turned back in confusion.
“Bah, I’m not crazy.” An Nuan glared at him hard. If she had known that

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