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Liu Changan.


Feb 15, 2024

“Who is she?” Zhu Juntang didn’t care about Liu Changan’s remarks about her being a mentally retarded child. She didn’t even care about being treated like a sheep, not to mention that mentally retarded children are still humans after all. She only paid attention to the extremely tall and beautiful girl behind Liu Changan. Although her face is tightly hidden, looking at the fair skin exposed on her neck, the flowing and smooth texture of her hair, and the cuteness revealed in the details of her body movements, it is difficult to think that she has taken off her glasses and mask. It will be an ugly face.
There is definitely a possibility of hiding an ugly face, but the probability is slim.
Liu Yuewang was a little nervous. She didn’t want Zhu Juntang’s attention. She once saw Zhu Juntang and Qin Yanan together when she was walking with An Nuan.
The girl Zhu Juntang is a topic in Xiangda University. Both teachers and students talk about it in private. Some are envious, some are jealous, and some are indifferent. However, the school still welcomes her because she is just not very good in class. He is positive and usually does not cause a lot of trouble to the school and raises many problems.
No school will refuse students who can bring in a large amount of academic aid and education funds. After all, most schools cannot survive solely on state funding.
The school likes it, but Liu Yuewang doesn’t like it, because Zhu Juntang didn’t even take the college entrance examination, and she didn’t accept any test on the education level of students. Others crowded the single-plank bridge with thousands of troops, but she built a wide and strong bridge herself. , came over in a Rolls-Royce.
It can even be said that she does not need to cross the bridge. She is born to be the object that thousands of people have to work hard to cross the single-plank bridge to get close to. If you can work for her after struggling for many years, you are already a successful person.
/Liu Yuewang would not be naive and unable to accept the fact that all roads lead to Rome. She was a princess in Rome. However, as a female teacher who still maintained some idealist temperament, she would never show enthusiasm and kindness towards Zhu Juntang. welcome.
She just feels that she must maintain an attitude of neither rejecting nor welcoming Zhu Juntang, but a fair attitude with gentleness towards other people who are working hard.
Liu Yuewang would not talk about these words or thoughts, because this gesture is only a personal matter, and does not require other people’s approval, nor does he need to convince others that they must do the same.
Liu Yuewang also heard from An Nuan that this girl was friends with Liu Changan, but An Nuan was not very jealous of Zhu Juntang.
This silly girl, men like this rich lady, Liu Yuewang was a little wary, even though Liu Changan annoyed her, such a son-in-law should still belong to his family.
“Obviously, they are people whose identities are inconvenient to reveal.” Liu Changan did not reveal the

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