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of this beast that suddenly flew out from the fading black and yellow storm.


Feb 14, 2024

This strange monk seemed to have been seriously injured. In an instant, a mouthful of black blood spurted out, and along with it, his energy suddenly rose into the sky, as if he wanted to use some secret method to relieve the injuries in his body, but before he could The moment he succeeded, the peak energy suddenly collapsed, and along with it, the blood-colored magical power also collapsed suddenly.
It just so happened that just as the blood light collapsed, the person flew upside down steadily and landed in the densest place where the crowd of cultivators were surrounding him.
“It hurts me too!”
It was clear that one breath was more urgent than the other, but at this moment, Chu Weiyang felt that the situation was slightly clearer for no reason.
He seemed to have lifted a layer of curtain, and then saw a pool of clear water in this dim and turbid stream. Admittedly, there was still a little haze, but it was almost gone.
And just when such thoughts emerged in Chu Weiyang’s mind, the Taoist had crossed Xumi in an instant.
In this twilight world, it is far easier to cross Xumi and to use the “Xumi Formation” than in the Three Yuan Realm. That is why Chu Weiyang is willing to attack the strange monk all the way. The reason for fighting far into the sky.
He could withdraw at any time like this!
The moment when the power of Sumeru connected with the virtual image of the Hundred Worlds of Cloud Boat, it was accompanied by a faint dark gray smoke that dispersed. In the faint aura, there was the presence of Chu Weiyang’s divine magic. The moment it turned into a spiritual light, it swallowed a majestic amount of vitality, and instantly transformed into a majestic body like a majestic mountain!
At this moment, what Chu Weiyang was operating was no longer an ordinary magical method, but the Divine Power Sutra “Dharma Appearance of Heaven and Earth”!
And almost at the moment when Chu Weiyang’s divine magic form appeared, there seemed to be faint and dull thunderous sounds coming from the body of the divine magic form.
At first glance, it sounds like the sound of the stomach squirming when you are hungry, or the crackling sound of the joints when stretching the waist.
But in the roar of muffled thunder, it gives people the meaning of “waking of insects” for no reason. It seems that with the trembling of this sound, some spiritual vitality is naturally “breathing” together with the heaven and earth.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths
Every time a breath passes, there is an explosion of muffled thunder coming from the Dharma Appearance, and in the faint tremors, there is this kind of “breathing” at the aura level.
/But when you feel it carefully, although this “breathing” exists in every breath, and it is clearly generated from Chu Weiyang’s divine magic phase, the fluctuations at the aura level are like It is the natural “breathing” elucidated from different fields and in different ways.
With every breath that passes, Yi Lian’s Tru

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