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t of swaying, he sat obediently opposite Huang Xiao.


Feb 14, 2024

The four palms are against each other, and the black and white swimming fish are spread out, surrounded by two souls, and they put their efforts into creating a little phoenix.
/The next day, Lu Bei woke up refreshed.
Lu Bei clenched his fists to cheer himself up. He had probably just finished his work. He was full of confidence and spoke rather forcefully.
After a while, Huang Xiao woke up and looked at Lu Bei expressionlessly: “Your Majesty, I am going to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters today.”
“So you still know”
Lu Bei whispered, while Huang Xiao was demanding and squeezing Yuanshi Shangqi ten times, making him think that the other party would not wake up today.
Good thing, it means it’s really the last time.
There wasn’t much communication between them, and they all stood at a distance from each other. It wasn’t until Mo Buxiu appeared with a smile on his face, as if he was just watching the fun and not taking it too seriously, that Huang Xiao looked away with a guilty conscience.
“disciple daughter-in-law”
Lu Bei raised his hand to cover his mouth, his eyes flashed with golden light, and his face was full of ferocious desire to commit murder.
Mo Buxiu was so wronged. To be honest, he had provoked whomever.
“What bad luck!”
/Mo Buxiu broke off Lu Bei’s hand, spat twice, and said to Lu Bei: “As a teacher, I still say the same thing. The Demon Emperor Taisu is famous for being unreasonable. If you provoke him, don’t retaliate if he gets burned.” The name of the teacher.”
“Master, please be at ease. My disciple knows the taboos of traveling in the world. If Tai Su catches you, I will only say that Master Iron Sword is the mastermind and will not reveal your name.”
Lu Bei patted his chest and promised that if we die together, if the apprentice is gone, the master will not be able to survive in this world.
“Well, you are really a good disciple of my master.”
Mo Bu was convinced, waved his hand to open a passage, and sent Lu Bei and Huang Xiao to the capital of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom in the Underworld.
The capital and Demon Imperial City were built in the same layout. When Lu Bei came here, it was like arriving at his own home. He could touch the entrance to the harem with his eyes closed without a map.
If we have to talk about the difference, it is probably that the Demon Imperial City in the Underworld is larger and the buildings are taller.
“As expected of the first-generation Demon Emperor, Ying Guo is like me. Brother Xiao, look at that tall building. It’s so similar to the Star-Zhaing Tower built in Demon Emperor City.”
Lu Bei was so proud that he grabbed a passing monster and said, “Tauren, let me ask you, what is the name of that tall building?”
The bull-headed demon had a hot temper and was about to lose his temper. Lu Bei glared at him with the golden light dancing in his eyes and said obediently: “So that seniors will know that the tall building was built by His Majesty the Demon Emperor and is called the Star

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