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Do you want to take a bath? Oops, it’s so annoying. Why do I have so many questions and doubts when I encounter this kind of thing? I don’t feel calm at all.


Feb 14, 2024

Hey, I feel like taking a shower at this time is just like being prepared. In An Nuan’s impression, both boys and girls need to take a shower before doing this kind of thing, especially girls who want to take a shower. Clean yourself up and face him in perfect condition.
Take a bath yourself, not just to prepare for something. You should take a bath before going to bed so that you can sleep more comfortably and prevent your skin from drying out in a warm room. .
After a girl reaches the age of eighteen, she must always pay attention to her care and never relax at all. An Nuan has an excellent person to learn from, and that is Professor Liu.
An Nuanke also wanted to have the youthful physical condition and perfect skin like Professor Liu when he was in his thirties.
An Nuan took off her coat first, and then looked at herself in the mirror.
The beautiful girl in the mirror is obviously at her most youthful and lively age. She is wearing a common female high school uniform. Although she is already a college student, this kind of uniform has always been a favorite dress of girls. Those who are already working, and even Girls who have become mothers also like to take pictures in such uniforms. Whether they can wear them depends on their maintenance status.
“I’ll go for a walk around the hotel.”
Liu Changan’s voice came from a place not far from the door.
An Nuan responded quickly. After hearing what he said, An Nuan breathed a sigh of relief. Otherwise, if he had stayed in the room outside the bathroom, he would have given An Nuan the feeling that he was waiting for her to go out in vain. It feels like, can An Nuan not be nervous?
Now that he left, An Nuan showed her usual playful smile, stood on the non-slip blanket and jumped up, then hummed her favorite tunes, took a comfortable bath first, and turned into a fragrant and soft beautiful girl. Bar!
After An Nuan breathed a sigh of relief, she stood in front of the mirror. Now she could take a bath peacefully. Every time she took a bath, An Nuan liked to look at herself in the mirror.
The beautiful girl in the mirror is the most lovable when her body has matured but her soul still has an innocent and lovely flavor.
/The charm of a girl is of course not only due to her body, but also her temperament, her self-cultivation, her personality, and the personal charm she combines to form these things.
She showed her charm, she hid her body, waiting for one day someone to get everything from her.
An Nuan carefully laid out the disposable bath bag she brought, then started to fill the water, connected her mobile phone to the Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom, and played her favorite songs.
The snow outside the window crackled, gradually covering the ground, and began to pile up and spread out. The leaves became heavy and falling, and nests of snow were hidden in the corners, like many little white ra

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