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“My son also did well in the exam, but he didn’t sleep well at noon.”
“I hope it didn’t affect his exam. I think your child must be studying very seriously. Let me tell you, that annoying Liu Changan in our class was actually late for the college entrance examination today!”
/“Actually late? That’s ridiculous.”
“Yeah, I’ve only seen people like this in the news before.”
Liu Changan was sitting on the recliner and chatting happily. Zhou Dongdong went downstairs to set off firecrackers without making him jealous. It was not until a young man wearing a black kung fu shirt came to Liu Changan that he raised his head.
“My name is Gao Cunyi, and I am a kung fu practitioner.” The young man cupped his hands towards Liu Changan.
There is no air of exaggeration or hostility. The muscles and bones are strong and the foundation is very good. It is the way to improve through hard work.
“Is something wrong?”
/“My master heard that you can kill a 120-pound fierce dog with one punch. He didn’t expect that there is such an expert in Junsha. He wants to learn from you.” Gao Cunyi said seriously and sincerely.
“No fight.” After Liu Changan finished speaking, he continued to reply to the message.
Gao Cunyi was stunned for a moment, but fortunately his master also told him what to do if the other party refused, so he continued: “My master is a famous figure in Junsha’s martial arts world and is well-known throughout China. If you lose, there will be no harm to you. If you win, you can become famous in one battle.”
“No fighting.” Liu Changan said with a smile.
“My master loves talents. This move will benefit you without any harm. Why do you refuse?” Gao Cunyi asked puzzledly.
“Your master just heard that there is a man who can kill a fierce dog with one punch, so he wants to hold a sparring competition with great fanfare. It makes me feel baffled, and I really have no interest.” Liu Changan waved his hand, “Go back. Let your master Go to Xu Xiaodong, he will definitely be interested.”
Gao Cunyi blushed slightly, glanced at Liu Changan, quickened his pace and left quickly.
If you hide and shrink, naturally no one will pay attention to you, and you will avoid a lot of troubles, but in the end, your life will not be so pleasant. If you act according to your heart, you will inevitably surprise passers-by. You will be more or less troublesome, but your mind will be much more comfortable and comfortable. , there are gains and there are losses, there are no perfect things in this world.
Gao Cunyi left the community and hurriedly found a bicycle. He rode so fast that the wheels splashed water stains on the ground. A girl’s skirt lifted up in the scream, and a lot of sewage fell. Gao Cunyi quickly stopped the bike. He bent down and apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, can I pay you for the laundry?”
“No, no need.” The girl shook her head, “It’s okay. I see you’re in a hurry. Let’s go quickly.”
“Okay, I’ve caused you trouble.” Gao Cunyi apologized again, and then rode his bicycle to the Bajiaoting Tea House.
The Bajiaot

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