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active and enthusiastic, unlike in On the street outside, if you see a beautiful girl, you will only look at it a few times, and you will rarely ask for a group photo or take some photos of the other person.


Feb 14, 2024

An Nuan happily took photos with everyone. She found that just like taking photos with her friends and classmates, the girls who came to take photos with her all liked to stand on tiptoes.
There was a tall, thin boy wearing a WE team uniform. After taking photos with An Nuan and Bai Hui separately, he wanted to take a photo of An Nuan and Bai Hui.
/The corner of An Nuan’s mouth curled up slightly. Bai Hui’s outfit was particularly fierce today. Even though she had prepared herself, she was still at a disadvantage in comparison.
Bai Hui put her hands behind her back, leaned forward slightly, and stood on tiptoe. She glanced sideways at An Nuan and found that An Nuan was looking at her with a smile on her lips.
So Bai Hui also smiled, and the two of them nodded in agreement.
The boy came closer. Generally, the focal length of a mobile phone is equivalent to the standard 28MM of a full-frame camera, which is relatively wide. As long as the angle is good, it can often produce the effect of elongating the body.
Bai Hui and An Nuan stood side by side. Bai Hui habitually stretched one foot forward with the instep straight, so that the length of the instep could be used to visually extend the entire leg. Most people look at photos and look at women. The child’s legs are long, visually from the toes to the thighs. No one would cut off the instep to judge how long her legs are.
At this time, An Nuan’s eyes swept over Bai Hui’s outstretched leg. When Bai Hui noticed her gaze, he looked away as if nothing had happened. There was no movement after the legs were brought together.
Bai Hui pursed her lips. The look in An Nuan’s eyes just now must have meant: Boy, even if you pin your legs to the Xiangjiang River, will your legs look longer than mine?
Bai Hui hurriedly thought about it and planned to take two steps forward and use the near-large and far-small photo effect to make herself appear taller. At this time, the boy had already finished taking the photo and said thank you to An Nuan and Bai Hui. Turned around and left.
Bai Hui raised his hand, but it was impossible to ask someone to take another photo. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth. If this photo was posted on Weibo or posted on a post bar, others would definitely comment: Look, all of Bai Hui’s videos are there. It was a leg-stretching exercise, and she was as short as a child when the photos were taken on site!
/It’s so unfair. Looking at the entire venue, there are several girls standing with An Nuan, aren’t they like children?
Bai Hui thought for a while, and once again came to her senses. It seemed that she could only take a preemptive strike. She took a few more photos of An Nuan and sent them to Weibo. At the same time, she marked An Nuan as a volleyball player and a beautiful volleyball girl, so that others would know that Bai Hui and An Nuan were

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