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showed the smile of a successful man: “Zhan Lexian’s daughter, my biological daughter, is being held captive by me. As long as I can hold her, Zhan Lexian, who is crazy about girls, will return.” Not at my mercy.”


Feb 16, 2024

“Wonderful, my wise nephew is very resourceful.”
Zhu Wei nodded repeatedly, glanced at Zhan Hongqu, hesitated for a moment and then said: “To be honest with my nephew, according to the information from the Elders’ House, this girl is an orphan adopted by Zhan Lexian. There is no blood between them. If Zhan Lexian’s heart is The next cruel thing will be if you say yes.”
“Is there such a thing?”
Lu Bei was surprised and said firmly: “It doesn’t matter, the old people are all relatives from another generation. If Zhan Lexian doesn’t care for his daughter, how can he not care for his grandson? A year later, Lu took two hostages, and the one named Zhan wasn’t At my mercy.”
“What my nephew said makes sense!”
Zhu Wei clapped his hands in praise and asked Lu Bei if he wanted to start preparing hostages now. After all, time waits for no one, and if you delay for one more day, the risk will be greater.
Lu Bei waved his hands repeatedly, indicating that the matter was of great importance and it would not be too late to tie up Zhan Lexian before discussing.
Cut the red song:
The two conspired loudly, and she heard them all.
“By the way, Uncle Shi, I said to kill Lexian, where is that thief now?”
Lu Bei looked loyal and patriotic: “Also, where did Uncle Shi come in? It’s the waterway in Shuizeyuan. If so, the information was sent out by Lu.”
Pull him down, the intelligence is clear that it is Xuanyin Division
Oh, I almost forgot, you are also the Xuanyin Division.
Zhu Wei was quite disdainful of Lu Bei’s behavior of eating from three families, but he also knew that with Hu Er’s presence, Lu Bei’s foundation was basically in the Xuanyin Division. In terms of facing the Iron Sword Alliance, he and Huang Ji Sect were barely on his own.
Then he said: “Zhan Lexian is in the secret realm at the moment, but he can’t escape for a while. Counting the time, he has been captured.”
“Uncle Shi, how do you say this?”
“My dear nephew, I don’t know that this place is a secret place, but it is not a secret place. If you really want to count it, it should be a mausoleum, and a person is buried there.”
“Earth Immortal!”
What is the Earth Immortal, the Earth God or the Mountain God?
If he were an immortal living in the human world, he would have achieved immortality long ago. Why would he have to talk about the tomb?
Lu Bei has extremely little knowledge about the world of immortality, let alone advanced postures such as Earth Immortal. In essence, he is the same as the player. If you ask him what an immortal guide is, he can spit in your face.
/“It’s actually the Tomb of the Earthly Immortal. The Tianjian Sect has such a big face. If you buy any piece of land, they will hit it.”
/Lu Bei was shocked, and then his expression changed: “The surnamed Zhan is very treacherous. Unfortunately, I planned to split up his Zhan

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