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ars, the human race has been completely empty of talented people. You are all just those who want to sell their heads. There is not even one person who asked Lu to draw his sword.” Can’t find any.”


Feb 13, 2024

“You bastard little thief, it doesn’t matter how powerful you are. If you are a practitioner as arrogant and unscrupulous as you, sooner or later you will die under the thunder of heaven.”
“You don’t have to wait for morning and evening. Today, everyone, listen to me. This wolf is going against the grain. What he does is not like the Son of Man. There is no need to show mercy. Feel free to use whatever means you have.”
“He doesn’t deserve the top spot, knock him down and see how arrogant he can be!”
The waves of anger grew louder and louder, and even the examiners standing aside could not help but join the condemnation team. Although they could not take action, they were willing to support the righteous party in spirit.
“Wait a moment, Mr. Lu has one more thing to say. It’s not too late to call after he finishes speaking.”
Seeing everyone working hard, the terrifying sound continued, and cracks tearing the void apart one after another, Lu Bei raised his hand and called for a pause.
If it doesn’t go up or down, it makes everyone feel angry and uncomfortable.
“Just say something, Lu.”
Lu Bei looked around, ignoring all the men. He only paused for a moment when he looked at the female cultivators. Finally, he smiled at his old acquaintance Chang Qingyu, which made the latter feel numb and frightened. , subconsciously covering his ears.
“Although you and others are all local chickens and tile dogs, and are the ones who want to be the boss, except for you senior sisters.”
He showed admiration and complimented unabashedly: “You are different, you are beautiful native dogs.”
“An arrogant villain, he becomes arrogant when he gets his way, how shameless his face is!”
“Kill him, kill him”
“Junior sister, calm down, don’t fall for her aggressive tactics.”
The scolding started again, and it was so powerful that it was doubled and multiplied by ten than before. Especially the female nuns, whose faces turned black with anger because of Lu Bei’s compliment.
What is a beautiful native dog? You are the dog.
Lu Bei scratched his head. Seeing that the atmosphere was almost over, he grunted and stabbed him for the last time: “You may say that Lu is arrogant and shameless and unworthy of the top spot, but in a real fight with a real knife and a real gun, he can even punch the shameless villain.” I can’t bear it, how sad it is for people to live like this, just listening to it, Lu couldn’t help but shed tears for you.”
boom! !
/I don’t know who made the first move, but it was a beautiful female cultivator who took the lead. She filled the sky with thunder and magic seals and used magical powers. The violent attack overwhelmed the space in an instant, swallowing Lu Bei and falling into the dark void.
Before the crowd could rush into the darkness, twenty-eight stars adorned the sky, their light shining brightly, overwhelmi

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