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he only eats fish meal because fish roe and fish offal are often very fishy.


Feb 14, 2024

“Don’t open the pot when cooking. Frequently uncovering the pot to check whether it is cooked or not is often the cause of the fishy smell.” Liu Changan told a little secret about cooking fish meal.
“So that’s it, then give me some of your fish roe and fish offal.” Han Zhizhi has already taken two bites, and there is no fishy smell at all. Who else can refuse such a delicacy as caviar and fish offal?
“I’ll give you my share.” An Nuan hasn’t eaten yet. She and Han Zhizhi are different. Han Zhizhi only regards Liu Changan as an ordinary friend and is not so polite and polite. But Liu Changan is the person An Nuan calls “husband”, and he is responsible. Breakfast is already a pampering for your girlfriend. As a girlfriend, of course you have to obediently put your hands under the table and wait for him to eat together.
An Nuan gave her fish roe to Han Zhizhi, and Liu Changan gave some of his fish roe to An Nuan.
/“What are you doing?” Han Zhizhi looked at An Nuan and Liu Changan in confusion.
“Generally, when other members of the opposite sex are present, only the girlfriend can eat from the boyfriend’s bowl, but we are friends, so there is no problem in sharing mine with you.” An Nuan emphasized, “Think about it. If you have a boyfriend and you go to dinner together, and a woman asks your boyfriend to share the food in the bowl with her, do you think it’s a bitch when you see that?”
“What the hell, now that I have a boyfriend, I become ‘a woman’?” Han Zhizhi glared at An Nuan, “But what you said makes sense.”
An Nuan laughed “hehe” twice and gave Han Zhizhi some fish roe.
“If you want to be a whore appraiser, you must be at the national level.” Han Zhizhi said with certainty, “There are also some bitchy women in our class. It was only when others reminded me that I thought their speech and behavior were bitchy. ”
“I only care about women who are close to my boyfriend. I won’t judge whether other women are bitches or not.” An Nuan shook her head, “You don’t want to judge either. Generally, there are only problems with appearance and extreme low self-esteem, or there is no existence. Some people who feel unpopular or have psychological problems will focus on other people’s speech and behavior to evaluate them.”
Liu Changan glanced at An Nuan suspiciously. Which women Liu Changan knew had been identified by An Nuan? She probably even identified Professor Liu.
An Nuan felt Liu Changan looking at her and nodded slowly to meet his eyes.
Liu Changan laughed and lowered his head to eat fans. He would not participate in this kind of topic that was asking for trouble.
“But no woman approaches my boyfriend, because I don’t even have a boyfriend.” Han Zhizhi said angrily, “Nuan Nuan, my mother actually arranged a blind date for me.”
“The early bird catches the worm.” An Nuan blurted out and was about to say “nia”, but she changed her pronunciation in a hurry, “But it’s too early to arrange a blind date now. If you don’t agree with some p

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