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Hui raised his head and looked at her. Falling on Yan Qingcheng opposite, he smiled and nodded, then turned to talk to Shangguan Dandan.


Feb 13, 2024

Yan Qingcheng didn’t have any feelings or emotions. Bai Hui’s steak show last night had already made Yan Qingcheng faint.
“Hui Hui, can you do housework?” Shangguan Dandan considered his daughter-in-law. Of course, it was not only to observe the other party’s palace fighting skills and whether she was filial to herself, but also to be virtuous, diligent and kind. Shangguan Dandan was very fond of Zhou Shuling. Satisfaction lies in the fact that she fully conforms to the words “virtuous, diligent and kind”.
“Yes, I fried the steak for breakfast today.” Bai Hui, like many girls in modern cities, is not particularly good at housework, but she is not as ungrateful as Zhu Juntang. I have no experience in the kitchen, but I like to show off my skills and think my cooking skills are top-notch.
“I also fried love eggs.” I fried them in a mold, but I only fried one. If Zhu Juntang happened to give the love eggs to Liu Changan when he was waiting for breakfast, it was purely a coincidence.
The steak and love eggs are fried with white fennel, but these are the products of Chef Zhu because she sprinkled salt on them at the end.
There is no problem with this. Zhu Juntang is in the kitchen of Baolong Center. The chef is Zhang Jiawei. He prepares the steak for Zhu Juntang. He just watches the whole preparation process and is responsible for sprinkling some salt in the end. But this is also The chef’s dishes on the menu.
“I will also teach you some housework tips in the future. After you go back, turn on the faucet so that water drips just enough and the water meter does not turn. Over time, you can save a lot of water bills. Money is a small thing, but this kind of frugality Your attitude towards life must be consistent with mine.” Shangguan Dandan lectured seriously.
“Okay!” Bai Hui raised her hand and nodded vigorously. Although her neighborhood had long since eliminated the honest water meter, as Shangguan Dandan said, attitude is the most important.
“Do you know that your vending machine is purchased by yourself every day and credited to your own account. This plan to make your business bigger and bigger also involves a lot of handling fees. Over time, a lot of money will be wasted?” Liu Changan Remind Shangguan Dandan that there is also a problem with the method of doing business through running water.
/Shangguan Dandan touched her ears and started to pour herself some water. Just now she was thinking about tips on frugal life, but she didn’t hear what Liu Changan said at all.
Liu Changan waved to Zhou Dongdong, who was still leaning against the door with no expression on his face, but insisted on making repetitive and rhythmic cries.
Children like to be helpful, but they had two helpful experiences in the morning. They were inevitably hurt physically and mentally, and felt a little aggrieved. They had to keep humming in the hope that someone would pay attention to the sad childre

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