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ng at Liu Changan with gritted teeth. Although they thought that Liu Changan would disgrace Bai Hui, Bai Hui had a strong and vain temper and had absolutely no good impression of Liu Changan, but Liu Changan always gave him a A feeling of threat.


Feb 13, 2024

When Lu Yuan brought rice to Bai Hui at noon, Bai Hui asked Lu Yuan if Liu Changan and An Nuan had gone out to eat. Bai Hui thought this was definitely a demonstration, even though Bai Hui emphasized that she didn’t like Liu Changan at all, and An Nuan This kind of demonstration is meaningless, but it is still very uncomfortable.
Liu Changan piled the books high and then did the exercises seriously. He read some of Gao Dewei’s notes and was inspired a lot.
Although Liu Changan most of the time has a special state of mind brought about by his own age, Liu Changan has never relied on his old age to learn. The natural science knowledge accumulated by mankind in the past few hundred years far exceeds that of the past thousands of years. In total, the entire learning and education system has become more efficient, which is a leap forward in levels.
/For the whole afternoon, Bai Hui ignored Liu Changan.
After school, Liu Changan seemed to ignore Huang Shan’s warning and still ran to the gymnasium to watch An Nuan practice.
Chen Changxiu was also in the gymnasium. He noticed that An Nuan was expressionless, and it was completely different from the usual feeling of chatting and laughing with Liu Changan. So Chen Changxiu was sure that this was his own credit. The photo he sent exposed Liu Changan’s true face. Let An Nuan wake up.
But Liu Changan still ran over, and Chen Changxiu said to Liu Changan arrogantly: “You are so shameless!”
Liu Changan looked at Chen Changxiu with a “feeling at ease” and “mutual” look.
“I’ll beat you to death sooner or later.” Chen Changxiu ran away with the basketball in his arms. Because there were still teachers in the gym, he didn’t dare to be too presumptuous, and he didn’t want to attract the attention of the physical education teacher. After Liu Changan shot a super long-distance shot that day, the physical education teacher heard After talking about this matter, I really wanted to see Liu Changan to see the situation. Chen Changxiu didn’t want Liu Changan to be in the limelight again. Although Chen Changxiu insisted, she firmly believed that Liu Changan was just out of luck.
Liu Changan still sat in his original position and looked at An Nuan.
After An Nuan rolled her eyes at Liu Changan, she stopped paying attention to him. In the locker room just now, other team members were still joking about her and Liu Changan. Her mood was very different from that in the morning. An Nuan felt that she had been wronged, a little bit. It was aggrieved, but An Nuan observed it many times in the afternoon. Apart from the chrysanthemum-like disgusting smile at the beginning, Liu Changan did not do anything intimate or try to please Bai Hui anymore. This made An Nuan forgive him despite being 100% angry. Give him 1 point, otherwise I wouldn’t even give hi

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