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ure, Bai Hui will pay attention to everyone’s behavior. Ranking of seats and so on.


Feb 13, 2024

It’s not a personal statement, it’s mainly because everyone is like this. They don’t care about the achievements of strangers. Only people they know will care about each other.
/“But, Xiaotang, why are you a protector like me?” Bai Hui was puzzled. She thought that Zhu Juntang must be inferior to one person and superior to ten thousand people. Usually when she talked about the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect, she thought It seems that the position of deputy sect leader is easily available, and he is ready to ride on Liu Changan’s head and dominate him.
“When I join the party, I will be a saint. Didn’t you see that Yan Qingcheng has already written the application form for me?” Zhu Juntang was a little embarrassed and emphasized loudly, “From the time I entered the party to now, it can be said that I have been promoted continuously. The third level can be called three ups and downs. From an ordinary accomplice to an intern accomplice, he was expelled again. He joined again and was promoted to a saint protector, and then to a protector. Hey, old man, I have become a protector. Don’t do it. forget!”
As Zhu Juntang said, she almost forgot that because her status was too noble, she often didn’t care about titles and titles. Who knew she was almost demoted by Liu Changan again.
/“Is that so?” Zhu Juntang couldn’t remember clearly. It seemed that before that, she was just a fat sheep?
“I say yes, and no.” Liu Changan had to let her understand that it was still him who had the final say on the Nine Provinces Fenglei Sword Sect.
Zhu Juntang was a little disapprovingly frustrated. It didn’t matter. Which of the big bosses in the past dynasties who finally reached the top didn’t have the experience of climbing up from the bottom?
This is the qualification that can truly make her reach the top. Some so-called outstanding talents appear to have a high position as soon as they are recruited, but they often end here in their lifetime.
“Let’s go to class. If you skip class, you will both be expelled.”
“Wait a minute, I have a few words with the new protector.” Zhu Juntang poked Liu Changan away with his finger.
Liu Changan also didn’t believe that he sent her away just to escape. He walked toward the classroom with a strong confidence that dominated everything.
“I can’t tell, you still kneel down and beg for this trick!” Zhu Juntang giggled at Bai Hui.
Bai Hui thought that Zhu Juntang was skipping class again, so she was shot while lying down. She was expelled immediately after struggling to join. That simply created the shortest joining history in the sect, right?
“I also had an idea. After all, you told me before that Liu Changan only resorted to this trick. If you want him to take the initiative to consider and understand girls, and arrange everything without anyone saying anything like a licking dog, that’s not possible. It’s possible.” Bai Hui was slightly proud, feeling that significant progress had been made and that the corner h

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