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se, the boss Zhong Qing was talking about was not Zhu Juntang.


Feb 13, 2024

Zhu Juntang plays mahjong just like she does in Landlords. She mainly focuses on peeking, stealing cards, and cheating. Her level is much lower than that of her mother, Mrs. Third.
The third wife is Su Mei, who was blessed by Qin Yanan to marry Penguin. More than a hundred years ago, almost all the young ladies in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai were proficient in mahjong.
Even with such a level, Su Mei didn’t want to play cards with Liu Changan unless he was willing to play more casually.
“So evil?” Bai Hui’s mother was a little nervous and didn’t believe it.
“Mom, don’t be afraid. It’s not that powerful. If you can’t do it anymore, I’ll take your place.” Bai Hui is very confident. It’s not like she and Miao Yingying haven’t played cards with Liu Changan before, playing Landlord and running beard at Gao Dewei’s house. Yes, as long as she and Miao Yingying follow the rules, it will still be a back-and-forth fight with each other winning or losing.
Liu Changan turned his head and glanced at Bai Hui. This was a typical example of someone who had no B numbers.
/“Just have fun, I’ll use 30% of my skills.” Liu Changan gave Bai Hui’s mother a gentle smile.
Bai Hui’s mother felt a little calmer.
She was actually a little worried about the relationship between Bai Hui and Liu Changan. After all, Bai Hui’s mother also knew that Liu Changan had a girlfriend.
But first of all, Liu Changan made people feel very good, and it was okay to remain friends with Bai Hui. Secondly, when there was a lack of one, not to mention the one who had a girlfriend, what about the one who had a wife?
Even if Bai Shengtian brings a girl back, he can beat him first and then kill him.
After the card game is over, I will talk to Liu Changan again. If I win, I will scold him less. If I lose, I will drive him away. If he comes back with his daughter, he still dares to beat Bai Hui’s mother. Basically, he is another He is stupid and bad. He will not be allowed to interact with Bai Hui in the future.
“Boss Liu is on the court. How about playing bigger?” Zhong Qing held a mahjong tile between his two fingers, rubbing it and turning it, showing extremely superb skills. He looked like a veteran at first glance.
“Boss Liu? Isn’t he classmate Hui Hui?” Bai Shengtian asked strangely.
“That’s quite busy, isn’t it? To open a rice noodle shop, you have to get up early and stay late at night.” Bai Hui’s mother couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. After all, she was still a child, which was so rare.
“My store is in a shopping mall. It’s not a stall. He has set up a stall before, but now the business has grown.” Bai Hui said with some pride.
It’s over, it’s over. Listening to Bai Hui’s tone, Bai Hui’s mother seems that her daughter is ready to move forward on the road of being a mistress without looking back. Why are you so proud? In other people’s stores, maybe your girlfriend is called the boss lady, and it has nothing to do with you.
/“Which mall is it open in? It can’t be the mall

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