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It is said that Weng Simei named her daughter Jiangzi because she liked the purple fabric. When dyeing fabrics in ancient times, purple dye was the rarest and most difficult to make, which also means that conceiving a daughter was not easy.
/Any craftsman who gradually becomes famous cannot be in the store all the time. Wang Jiangzi is usually the one taking care of the store.
“Miss Qin, who is this?” Wang Jiangzi knew Qin Yanan’s identity, and her tone was naturally polite and warm.
“Liu Chang’an, my cousin, he said he wanted to spread some cloth on me.” Qin Yanan said directly.
Wang Jiangzi smiled and said, “Why do you want some cloth?”
“Making clothes.” Liu Changan knew Weng Simei, otherwise he wouldn’t have come here. He had also met Wang Jiangzi when he was a child, but Wang Jiangzi naturally didn’t recognize him now.
“Then you want to bring your friends here?” Wang Jiangzi said, “You have to bring someone here to measure the clothes before they can be made.”
“All I need is fabric. I can make clothes myself.”
Wang Jiangzi looked at Qin Yanan, who nodded.
Wang Jiangzi didn’t wonder how a boy of this age could make clothes. He just said: “Okay, but the material of each color is only enough to make one piece. He picked the color you like. If you want it again, , we have to wait for the next batch.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Qin Yanan said generously.
Liu Changan had a good eye, and he picked out Qin Yanan’s favorite piece of fabric. Qin Yanan had to tell him not to waste it. If it didn’t work, he would take it to the store to have it altered.
He wants to make clothes for Zhu Juntang? Or for that little girl from the high school affiliated with me? This little cousin, you can’t tell that he is a romantic seed, but he is really good at pleasing girls.
The plum rain that started after the Dragon Boat Festival has no intention of stopping. There is a two-day holiday before the entrance examination of the attached high school, and this year’s college entrance examination will start on the 7th.
June 5th, Bingwu month, Guihai day, plum rain.
It had been raining for days, and the room was a little damp. It was inevitable that the quilt was moist, and it was not very comfortable to sleep on. Liu Changan lit a charcoal fire in the room to drive away the moisture. The indoor and outdoor temperatures were very low at this time, so lighting a fire would not be a problem. The heart is hot and dry.
Liu Changan was still in a peaceful mood. He got up early and fried prunes (dried mustard greens) and shredded pork. He made some fried noodles and ate them. Then he began to write a note, Zhuge Liang’s “Execution of the Master”.
After writing, I threw the paper into the stove without waiting for the ink to dry. The works of many famous masters throughout the ages have been treated in this way. For many people who are hard-pressed to find a word of calligraphy, they just throw it away casually. Not everyone I will be satisfied with a calligraphy and painting, thinking it can represent my peak lev

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