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e really feels like a little fairy. She is not a little fairy like “Jue Juezi” or “Princess on the run” all day long, but a real fairy with an outstanding temperament. The beauty of dust.


Feb 13, 2024

But every time you come in front of Liu Changan, look at what she just said? What kind of perverted beautiful girl is this?
“Common in plateau pastoral areas, large stones are used to surround a stove, usually made of yak. ??After the big stones are heated red, meat is placed on top and the meat is grilled. The highlight is the whole tripe that has been rinsed and cleaned, and is filled with various kinds of meat. Put the ingredients on the fire to cook, and finally cut the tripe, it’s so fragrant.”
Liu Changan wanted to eat it as he talked. One tripe can hold about a hundred kilograms of ingredients. When he returns to Junsha, he will make one and give some to the neighbors.
Life is a place where neighbors can interact with one another. Nowadays, many young people socialize simply for the sake of socializing. Sometimes they participate in various gatherings and activities just to force themselves to socialize.
That would be meaningless.
This is one of the reasons why many people feel that they are just living, not living.
“Some people with strong tastes will first feed the cows with grass and Chinese herbal medicines, then slaughter the cows at the right time, take out the incompletely digested grass and Chinese herbal medicines, squeeze out the excess water, and add cow bile and Other seasonings are stuffed back into the huge tripe and beef is added to cook.” Liu Changan continued, and then glanced at Zhu Juntang, in fact, the same can be done with sheep.
“Hey! You look at me, do you think I’m scared? Come on, give me a knife in the belly and eat me.” The sheep raised its forelimbs and pressed its soft belly.
Liu Changan gradually felt that some things are really difficult to change. For example, in some families, the father is used to playing bad-face, and the mother is a good-faced one. One day, suddenly the mother sings bad-faced, and the father sings white-faced, which will make the children feel strange and confused. Awkward, the effect of black face and red face is gone.
This mode of getting along often lasts a lifetime. Now Liu Changan wants to make Zhu Juntang afraid of him as much as he is afraid of Su Mei. Su Mei is so angry that she is furious and helpless every day. Zhu Juntang is acting like a fool in front of her all day long. It seems impossible.
“The redundant words are disgusting.” Liu Changan said. Shangguan Dandan also likes to use redundant words, such as meat buns and hair.
“Hey, Annuan called Nuanbaobao on your mobile phone.”
“none of your business.”
/Zhu Juntang stood up, shook his body, dragged a cart of sheep dung and pushed it towards Liu Changan’s butt. Liu Changan was on guard and held her head down with his backhand. Zhu Juntang struggled, and the trailer turned sideways, and the sheep Feces fell all over the floor.
Some sheep dung balls rolled to Zhu Juntang’s feet. Zhu Juntang was afr

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