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licated expression and followed Yan Qingcheng without saying a word, while looking back at the hotel sign on the top of the mountain.


Feb 12, 2024

Wei Xuanyi looked at Yan Qingcheng’s back, and then thought of Qin Yanan’s back. The feeling of a mature woman was definitely not comparable to that of a young and slightly frail girl.
Zhu Juntang is just good-looking and has the most popular cute temperament. When it comes to figure, Qin Yanan is unparalleled.
/Boys of this age care about women’s faces, but what makes them suddenly hotter is the seductive feeling in mature women that is ready to move in their bodies.
Liu Changan, He De, He Neng, and An Nuan are also in great shape. It can be seen that they feel full of energy from regular exercise, but they are not as developed as Qin Yanan, and they are not comparable to the Yan Qingcheng in front of her.
“Yan Qingcheng, what do you think of Liu Chang’an?” Wei Xuanyi followed Yan Qingcheng, not in the mood to wander around the scenic spot anymore.
“Not familiar.” Yan Qingcheng said in a stiff tone. I don’t know why, but when talking about Liu Changan, the first thing that Yan Qingcheng thought of was that he looked at her that day, then looked at his own orange juice, continued to drink the orange juice, and then The image of telling her “it’s none of your business”.
“I didn’t see it. He is probably the second generation of rich people. In fact, I should have thought of it a long time ago. How can someone who is very familiar with people like Zhu Juntang be an ordinary person? It seems that this Hunan University also relies on the back door, so it is a fool’s errand. , don’t live in the dormitory, and fight during military training.” Wei Xuanyi is not willing to give up his dignity. If the other party only has family background, then he can at least be proud of his academic ability and achievements.
Yan Qingcheng didn’t want to offend anyone, so she still smiled and said, “You are wrong. I applied for Hunan University because there is an education fund that provides scholarships for Hunan University admissions. For example, the top 300 science students in our province have applied for Hunan University. Scholarships, of course, Xiangnan Province also participates in this scholarship. After I arrived at the school, I asked the teacher to confirm this matter. I looked at the list and found that Liu Changan was among the top fifty in the college entrance examination in southern Hunan.”
“Top fifty!” Wei Xuanyi looked at Yan Qingcheng in shock. Was Yan Qingcheng a liar? Yan Qingcheng had many reasons for lying, but Wei Xuanyijue didn’t believe it, “Why didn’t he apply for another school among the top fifty?”
/“I don’t know about this. People like this probably don’t need to pursue academic qualifications. We” Yan Qingcheng frowned and stretched out stubbornly, “In short, there is no point in admitting that others are better than you.” Whatever is difficult to accept, just work hard yourself, saying what others do behind your back won’t change anything.”
Wei Xuanyi didn’t listen t

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