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walked through the teachers’ community in the 1990s, then walked to the roadside, and continued to walk back on the asphalt mixture that he thought looked good.


Feb 10, 2024

I remember that 20 or 30 years ago, many asphalt roads became soft in the summer and felt warm when stepped on. There were also urchins wearing sandals running around on them, and their shoes even got stuck and caused a disease. Tragedy.
/Liu Changan returned home and changed his clothes. His things were mainly stored in the utility room downstairs, and the bed was not moved up.
He took out his big oil-paper umbrella and took off the umbrella. As a man, gaudy umbrellas were certainly not his taste, but the black and gray umbrellas were not suitable for giving to girls.
Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and Liu Changan is going to give An Nuan an oil-paper umbrella he made himself.
Modern people celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, because there is no traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day atmosphere with girls as the protagonists, and there is no activity of begging for luck or worshiping the seventh sister. It has developed into a festival that is no different from Valentine’s Day in February, and has been criticized by many so-called traditional culture revivalists. The opposition and ridicule from the communicators are actually just a sense of superiority attached to what they do. It neither seems noble nor interesting, and is even a bit stupid without knowing it.
Nothing is static, and any symbolic meaning may change with the passage of time. Just like the Chinese Valentine’s Day originally originated from the worship of natural celestial phenomena, and then the Chinese Valentine’s Day was endowed with the influence of love because of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.
The traditional oil-paper umbrella is actually a very troublesome thing to make. Its process is very complicated. The traditional method often has eighty or ninety processes. This kind of product is not a work without an assembly line, but the assembly line means unified specifications and materials. Uniformity, uniformity of shape, as a requirement for exquisite gifts, it lacks some meticulous consideration.
The basis for making oil-paper umbrellas is to select bamboo. Currently, if you want to choose bamboo that meets the requirements in Junsha, you can only go to the botanical garden with a history of several decades to cut it.
Liu Changan thought for a while and decided not to do this kind of thing. It was not in line with the core values ??of socialism.
Of course, the most important thing is that after choosing bamboo, the bamboo for the frame not only needs to be soaked in water for a long time, dried and polished, which is a process that cannot be completed quickly.
Of course, it is impossible to choose new bamboo, so we have to use this oil-paper umbrella made of bamboo material that Mr. Ye Chenyu carefully selected and the species is now extinct as the basis.
Mr. Ye Chenyu was once a financial giant, but when it passed to Professor Liu, he only had an umbrella left.

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