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house to play, and I was there too.”


Feb 10, 2024

“I know, Liu Changan told me, and even took a photo of you rowing to show me.” An Nuan smiled calmly.
“Liu Changan is very good at rowing, but it’s a pity that I’m holding him back.”
“Yes, kayaking requires tacit cooperation, and you can’t just find someone to partner with.”
“I have been practicing for a while, and Liu Changan’s teaching is also very good. I didn’t expect Liu Changan to be very familiar with Gao Dewei’s family. When we went to pick vegetables together, I tested him several times and couldn’t give him a hard time.”
/“So, I like Liu Changan.”
The conversation came to an abrupt end, but An Nuan still looked calm. She casually scanned the order code on the table and asked, “Have you ordered? Let’s order together.”
Miao Yingying turned her head gently to make eye contact with Gao Dewei, only to find that Gao Dewei stretched his head to look at the menu on An Nuan’s phone. She didn’t even notice that the conversation just now was filled with swords, shadows, and secret moves. You came and I went back and forth, and finally he was An Nuan kills with one move.
Bai Fen’s cheeks turned red, what did An Nuan mean? If you like Liu Changan, just like Liu Changan and don’t care about other people’s business. Who told you this!
“Liu Chang’an, let’s have two legs of lamb and ten skewers of crocodile meat.” Gao Dewei made his choice.
“Okay, let’s have some more juice. What do you want to drink?” Liu Changan looked up at the girls.
“I drink bayberry juice!” Miao Yingying whispered.
“Then just give it all bayberry juice.” Bai Hui also calmed down.
“I drink sweet wine, and I don’t like sour wine.” An Nuan asked Bai Hui and Miao Yingying what staple food they wanted to eat, and placed an order.
The lamb leg that Gao Dewei mentioned is actually a lamb shank with lamb shank on it. It is first soaked in cold water and hot water and cooked. The starting method is similar to the lamb head meat made by Liu Changan, except that it needs to be braised after cooking. Add dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, green onions, ginger, bay leaves, peppercorns, cinnamon, bay leaves, rock sugar, etc. to marinate, then bake on the rack.
Not every kind of meat is suitable for making delicacies with the freshest and original flavor. Lamb is rarely made fresh. This roasted lamb leg is also a flavor more suitable for the public.
“I’ll post a survey in the group to see how many people go.” Bai Hui mentioned this matter again.
“The key is to communicate with Uncle Gao in advance and ask about the venue and cost. If there are many people but few people, we always have to get together.” An Nuan nodded.
Bai Hui and An Nuan have always been the organizers of class activities. They talked about things seriously, but they didn’t use guns and sticks in their words.
/“I guess after the results come out, it will be difficult for everyone to get together again.” Gao Dewei sighed softly, “The venue fee for this event will be waived. I sponsored all kinds of ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, pigs, mut

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