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and it and get the benefits without exploding to death.


Feb 10, 2024

He is very smart. He wants to raise a lamb and absorb a little bit every day. If he really wants to grow over the years, maybe he can actually grow into Liu Changan’s “pseudo-descendant”.
/But how dare he hit the little sheep’s attention? Do you know that Liu Changan is willing to hit or scold him, but he is never willing to beat it to bleed?
Are you still going to let it bleed every day?
Lamb kebabs and the like, that’s what Liu Changan and Su Mei can call them. If they really treat it like mutton, bite its meat and drink its blood, they will die.
“Which of my poisons can make him evolve? I have realized this a long time ago. I spit on the maidenhair ferns, sycamore trees, and flowers on the road that I gave you.” The little sheep secretly sighed that he was too precious, but it was okay. The kind of evil force in movies and novels that would capture a precious baby like yourself to study it is your own mother. Even if you study it, you won’t do anything to it.
“Your blood! Stop talking about poison, it sounds like syphilis.” Su Mei said angrily. She was not surprised. After all, she followed him and was favored every night, and the other woman only occasionally It’s just a lucky break. That Liu Hanqian will definitely not be able to inherit so many of his abilities in the future. At most, it will only be a little bit of blood karma, and his Zhu Juntang is the real direct bloodline.
“What poison.”
“Look for a fight.” Su Mei gave it a few chestnuts. She was very nervous when she heard that something happened to it. When she saw that it was fine, she wanted something to happen to it.
Liu Changan took the lamb out of the pool and let it shake its body to shake off the water droplets. He blew gentle wind from his mouth to dry it.
“Take it out and prepare to return to Nanshan Ranch. It’s too late today. Let’s go back to Junsha tomorrow.” Liu Changan pointed to the body of the unknown creature that looked like a hill in front of him. “I’ll stay and take care of it.”
“No, we have to advance and retreat together.” Xiaoyang said aggressively, “You beat him half to death first, preferably completely unable to move, and then I will attack again to let him know how powerful I am.”
The lamb has a strong ability to contaminate, and those who are not determined are often contaminated without knowing it. The specific manifestation is that some words are obviously very problematic, but they are not noticed when they come out of its mouth.
Of course Liu Changan would not be contaminated by it. He gave way to one side and pointed to his side, “Since we are advancing and retreating together, why should I go first? Of course we go together. Besides, I beat him until he could move. No, how does he know how powerful you are? I think you should try your skills first to scare him.”
“Do you think I don’t dare?” The little sheep was stunned for a moment. After seeing that his parents were there, he suddenly became arrogant and walked around confidently with his hooves raised

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