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“I hate it! Get out now, I need to change clothes.” An Nuan laughed out loud. When she was with her boyfriend, her laughter would become weaker.
/“Do you want me to help? I read in many books that the back buckle of a girl’s bra catches the flesh, the zipper cannot be pulled up, and the flesh is stuck. It is very dangerous and painful. Just in case, I It’s better to stay.” Liu Changan was very helpful.
“Hmph, this happens only to chubby girls like your Bai Fen.” Of course, An Nuan can’t directly say that other girls are fat. That would make him look mean. What a good word for chubby girls. , many boys like meaty ones.
“Oh, then be careful. If you are in danger, call me immediately. I can break through the wall to help you.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, he was about to leave, but An Nuan stopped him again, “By the way, last night I seemed to have talked about the Kyushu Wind and Thunder Swordsman going to sea, and then I fell asleep. What happened next?”
“The Kyushu Fenglei Swordsman went to sea this time. He was different from the past when he dug a hole in a piece of wood and used it as a ship. He prepared a fleet, one of which could be called a giant ship, carrying people ranging from ten to eighteen years old. Dozens of singers, dancers and maids”
“Ten years old!” An Nuan said in disbelief.
“It’s not like we did anything to her when she was only ten years old. Let’s take care of her first.”
“That’s too young.” An Nuan said angrily, “This is a perversion.”
“In ancient times, women generally got married at the age of fifteen, mainly between fourteen and eighteen. In the Song Dynasty, although some people criticized that women got married at an increasingly younger age, it was also a fact. More people got married at the age of twelve or thirteen. . The Kyushu Wind and Thunder Swordsman just adopted many women with poor backgrounds, and they are not perverted or perverted.”
“He should be called the Great Pervert of Kyushu Fenglei, and there are dozens of them! Is he going to spread his seeds all over the world?”
Liu Changan coughed lightly, “In ancient times, there was a lack of entertainment, so things between men and women became more and more moving. Otherwise, why would there be so many poems about prostitutes, or for prostitutes?”
“Then this Jiuzhou Fenglei Swordsman, does he have a favorite girl? What does she look like? When these dozens of girls settle down, he must find one to be the main palace, otherwise there will be so many girls who are jealous and there will be no boss. How can that be done?” An Nuan was objectively and realistically thinking about the Kyushu Wind and Thunder Swordsman, although she really hoped that the Kyushu Wind and Thunder would strike down and kill the swordsman.
“Maybe it looks good.”
“So what happened to these girls?”
“They’re all dead.”
“Except for the immortal Kyushu Wind and Thunder Swordsman, everyone else will definitely die, so they all died.”
It turned out to be such a annihilation ending, An Nuan thought depressingly, how many people

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