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d to Lu Bei’s side, raised his paws and asked him to continue massaging.


Feb 9, 2024

Lu Bei:
Lugging a cat and being chased by a cat are two different concepts. The difference is huge, and they are infinitely close to whoring and being whored. This is the current situation. He feels that he is being used for nothing.
Seeing that Grand Master’s coat was fair and pretty, Lu Bei decided to endure it. He grabbed the back of his neck and started the emperor’s engine again.
“The craftsmanship is good, but the face is fresh. I haven’t seen you before. Are you new here?”
“Well, I just arrived a few days ago.”
“What’s your name? Who introduced you?”
“Lu Bei, every master should practice cultivation.”
Bai Hu was silent when he heard this, slapped Lu Bei’s hand away, and burrowed towards the grass.
“Your master is a nice person, a good boy, but it’s a pity that he was so eager for success that he became possessed and ruined his great future.”
“You’re not bad either. You have the flavor of Mahasthamaprapta. Practice well and don’t follow your master’s old path.”
The white tiger’s back was lonely, and he thought of something sad, which made him feel quite desolate.
It was obvious that he could make a living by being cute, but he insisted on relying on his melancholy temperament. Lu Bei said he didn’t understand. Listening to the meaning of his words, he smelled the scent of Dashitian and came to see what was going on.
The appearance of the white tiger was just an interlude. Lu Bei did not get close to him and became familiar with him. He continued fishing by the river with Lin Yu, who was smiling happily.
Soon, Lin Yu couldn’t laugh anymore.
Lu Bei had just escaped from the aura of a novice and had not yet encountered the curse of the Air Force. After a moment of settling, he caught another two-pound fish. However, because of the physique of a senior Air Force guy, he was feeding fish the whole time.
The two of them were in the realm of gods and spent a long time without eating or drinking. One was an idler and the other was also an idler, squatting directly by the river until dark.
/Lu Bei insisted on having one or two kilograms every hour. Lin Yu was more stable than him and had no one. However, he was determined and firmly believed in the existence of miracles in the world. He refused to let Lu Bei leave and took advantage of the opportunity to invite Ye Diao.
Fishing at night is fishing at night.
Senior Sister and Sister Snake were in seclusion, Wei Yu had chopped off her hands and had not returned. In the entire Beijun Mountain, apart from Lu Buwang, only one person in Lu Bei knew Lin Yu. It was definitely impossible to find Lu Buwang at this time. It would be safer to go fishing with Lin Yu.
Fishing is also a social, non-talking kind.
A night of silence.
At dawn the next day, the two figures stood motionless by the river.
“Sir, it’s time to stop playing. I just saw someone pointing at us.”
“Not now. Early morning is a great time to catch fish. You can get dozens of pounds by just fishing. If you miss this opportu

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