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e should be old now. Why is he still a boy?”


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At this moment, Xu Ying suddenly sensed a vast and profound aura coming from the mountain, as if it was as vast as the Kunlun Mountains, as soft as motherhood, like the God of Heaven, and the Holy Spirit of All Gods.
“It’s the breath of the Queen Mother of the West.”
Feng Yao said, “The last time Qingluan and I came to Kunlun, we tried to wake up the Queen Mother of the West, but failed to wake her up.”
Qingluan spoke quickly: “Last time we were too far away and couldn’t wake him up. This time we are closer and we can definitely wake him up.”
/Feng Yao felt a little sad and said in a low voice: “The Queen Mother of the West is the God of Ten Thousand Mountains. I’m afraid she has encountered something unexpected in the great catastrophe and will never wake up.”
Facing the vast divine power, they continued to move forward, looking for the whereabouts of Yaochi.
Unknowingly, they gradually reached the top of the mountain, and saw that the divine power of this mountain range was visible to the naked eye, forming a brilliant golden light that enveloped the top of the mountain.
The closer you get to the top of the mountain, the greater the divine power becomes and the more profound the divine power becomes!
/This kind of divine power is the way of heaven, honest and simple, not as overbearing as the gods of heaven. There was also a faint sound of Taoism in the air. The sound of Taoism was long and had the power to make all things grow.
However, unlike the sound of heaven that Xu Ying had seen before, this kind of growth of all things does not make the human body and vegetation grow randomly, but allows each organ to still maintain its shape, achieve perfect health, and improve human body functions. .
“It is true that the way of heaven grows, ages, and destroys, but the way of heaven is too chaotic and goes against the essence of heaven. The aura of heaven exuded by the Queen Mother of the West is the real way of heaven.” Xu Ying sighed in his heart.
They walked through the golden light, and Feng Yao called out to the Queen Mother of the West, causing ripples of divine power. However, she was still unable to awaken the owner of this divine power.
Xu Ying sensed carefully and felt that there were countless chaotic consciousnesses in the divine power. That was the consciousness of Queen Mother Xi, which had been smashed into pieces and turned into chaos.
“Queen Mother of the West!” Xu Ying called.
The divine power in the mountain is like a vast ocean. The turbulence becomes more and more violent, and the ripples turn into huge waves. However, the chaotic consciousness cannot be gathered.
Feng Yao and Qing Luan were surprised and looked at Xu Ying one after another.
Qingluan whispered: “Miss, Xu Ying should be an immortal, but this undead seems to be a little different from us.”
“Western Queen!”
Xu Ying called out again, and the divine power set off a tidal wave, which was endlessly turbulent and astonishing.
Feng Yao and Qing Luan immediately sensed countless cha

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