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Feb 9, 2024

In the calamity cloud, thunder and lightning exploded in the air, and the lightning flashed randomly, forming a heavenly rune with a radius of thousands of acres!
This heavenly rune is composed of the energy of heavenly thunder. It is extremely dazzling and exudes heavy heavenly power.
Another sky thunder exploded in the calamity cloud. Along with the roar of thunder and the sizzling lightning, the energy of many sky thunders were connected together, forming more heavenly runes nearby!
“Boom! Boom!”
In the calamity cloud, thunder continued to explode, and electric light shot out, gradually forming 1,900 kinds of heavenly runes, filling the sky!
These runes are as small as hundreds of acres and as large as more than a hundred hectares. They are bright and dazzling. They hang in the calamity clouds and absorb the energy of the calamity clouds!
Previously, calamity clouds formed, with a radius of thousands of miles, covering the sky and the sun, making the sky suddenly dark. But now, the dazzling runes of heaven are all over the thousands of miles of calamity clouds, making the clouds become extremely bright, and everything is illuminated by the sky!
At this moment, a small figure slowly rose up. Amidst the lightning and thunder, his figure appeared extremely small, but he rose higher and higher.
This figure is Xu Ying.
Xu Ying rose to about the same height as Jie Yun. He raised his right hand and grabbed it backwards. Jie Yun was pulled by him. Jie Yun, covered with heavenly runes, formed a huge cloak and hung on his shoulders.
That Dao cloak was small at the front and wider at the back, blocking people’s vision and shaking violently like a sky curtain!
Xu Ying slowly descended from the sky, and the Tiandao cloak behind him whirled and trembled endlessly, shrinking while shaking.
At the same time, in the sky, Emperor Zhou’s calamity clouds were also shrinking rapidly!
Xu Ying fell downwards, and the energy of the Heavenly Tribulation surged rapidly into the Tiandao cloak draped on his shoulders. The Thousand Miles of Tribulation Clouds rotated crazily, billowing energy, and poured into the cloak!
/That energy actually formed a torrent of light that was several miles thick in the center of the vortex, pouring down along with roaring sounds and thunder!
The calamity cloud with a radius of more than a thousand miles shrank to 800 miles in a short period of time!
Xu Ying continued to fall downwards, and the radius of the calamity cloud was still shrinking, and soon reached 700 miles.
When Xu Ying arrived and landed on Hao Jing’s immortal platform, the tribulation clouds surging in the sky only had a radius of about 540 miles!
The Heavenly Tribulation Cloud at this time was still a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation at the thousand-mile level, but it could no longer be compared with the Super Heavenly Tribulation!
The power of the Heavenly Tribulation has been reduced by more than half!
The underworld, the place of reincarnation.
The four great god kings Xuan Hao, Xuan Yu, Xuan Chen,

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