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llow Taoist Xu was best at the Heavenly Dao runes and used the Heavenly Dao dojo to suppress the gods. Now it’s actually the other way around!”


Feb 9, 2024

Zhou Tianzi was surprised and said, “This god actually used the Heavenly Dao Dojo to fight against fellow Taoist Xu! What is his background?”
Taishi Jiang guessed: “He should be the old god mentioned by Emperor Cangwu, the god who was demoted to the mortal world. I once encountered such an old god with fellow Taoist Xu, named Long Yuan, but Long Yuan was compared to this An old god is much inferior.”
While speaking, Xu Ying took another step forward.
With this step, Zhongxiao’s Tiandao Dojo was forced to shake violently, and the Dojo’s operation was stagnant.
“call out”
Zhongxiao was illuminated by the huge divine light shining from the furnace, and was put into the furnace with a hiss.
This Hong Furnace is the magical power that Xu Ying realized during Yingye’s time, and it is called the Eight Desolations Refining the Sun. There are eight desolations inside the furnace, which can refine the sun, the moon, and even the sun.
Xu Ying put Zhongxiao into the Taoist Elephant, activated the power of the Taoist Elephant, and refined him to death. Suddenly, the back of the furnace exploded, and Zhongxiao penetrated the Eight Desolate Sun Refining Furnace.
On Zhongxiao’s shoulders, bird heads and wolf heads emerged from his body, roaring one after another, filled with evil spirit, and his combat power increased greatly.
But at the moment when he broke out of the Bahuang Sun Refining Furnace, the promised hidden scene potential land had been spread out. At this time, the hidden scene potential land was already the domain of the four immortals, with physical activity, mental power, yin and yang two Qi and soul, the four powers have reached the realm of immortals!
/The realm of the Four Immortals confronts Zhongxiao’s Heavenly Dao Dojo. Xu Ying flutters his sleeves and activates his magical powers to reverse chaos in the world.
Zhongxiao fluttered its wings and flew towards him, its two heads on the left and right whistling endlessly, extremely ferocious, turning into a ferocious god, rushing towards him with boundless violence. But at this moment, the law of heaven in the hidden scene was chaotic, and Zhong Xiao’s divine power suddenly went into chaos!
Behind Xu Ying, the colorful sacred tree rose slowly and fell with a swish. Zhongxiao was beaten until he vomited blood. Knowing that he was still missing Xu Ying, he hurriedly flapped his wings and flew away, far away!
But the magical power of Ni Chao Qian Kun doesn’t stop there?
His speed was extremely fast, but when he saw the space distorting in the next moment, he actually flew back to Xu Ying.
Xu Ying raised his palm, with magical powers brewing in it, waiting for him to rush forward.
Zhongxiao roared angrily, gritted his teeth and rushed forward, raising his hand to challenge Xu Ying hard. But Xu Ying’s palm gently penetrated his defense and printed on his chest.
/Zhongxiao was bleeding and took the opportunity to f

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