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Refining, then cannibalism will still happen again.


Feb 9, 2024

Therefore, he wanted to spread the Six Secrets of the Ancestral Dharma.
Under the sycamore tree, Fool Ah Fu, Feng Xian’er, An Qi and Dazhong listened quietly to Xu Ying’s teaching of the Six Secrets of the Ancestral Method. An Qi glanced at the Dazhong and thought to himself: “What’s the use of Fool Zhong listening to the Six Secrets?” And without the Six Secrets, you can’t practice.”
The insect mother actually lay quietly on Xu Ying’s shoulder, listening carefully, and seemed to understand.
An Qixin said: “The immortal insect is a man-made creature. Even if it can be understood, it cannot open up the Six Secrets. Therefore, Master Qi’s position is still the most stable.”
He glanced at the fool Ah Fu again and thought: “He can’t do it either. He has no brain.”
/However, the fool Afu was the first to thoroughly understand the Six Secrets of the Ancestral Method, which really hit Anchi Qi hard.
Xu Ying only taught it once and then let them understand it on their own. If they didn’t understand something, they could ask themselves.
“I wonder what happened to Emperor Zhou and Zulong over the years? How are Yankongcheng, Xue Ying’an, and Shi Yuqing doing? And those sects, have they practiced the ancestral methods I taught them?”
Xu Ying stood under the sacred sycamore tree, looking at the great rivers and mountains around him, Lingling City, Naihe, Wuwu Mountain in the distance, and the divine capital Luoyang and Haojing further away.
“Momotari, I will come back, but the times I come back should become less and less. It’s like my hometown. After I leave, the times I go back gradually become less and less, leaving only feelings.”
Xu Ying said silently in his heart, “Coming back this time is a good time to say goodbye to those old friends and relatives.”
If you don’t leave Yuanshou, you won’t know how big the world is. After leaving, I returned to Yuanshou, only to realize that my heart was not here.
Suddenly, Feng Xian’er laughed and said: “It’s weird, our Jiuyi Sect’s teaching-suppressing immortal weapon is always ready to move for some reason!”
Xu Ying’s thoughts were interrupted by her and he looked towards the immortal weapon. Feng Xian’er was trying hard to control the magical weapon.
The sect founded by Feng Xian’er and fool Ah Fu was called Jiu Yi Sect. The sect’s immortal weapon was a fairy pot. This pot contained fairy light inside, carved the atmosphere of the fairy family on the outside, concealed the universe inside, and was able to reveal mysteries. It was extremely powerful.
At this moment, the jade pot suddenly became larger and smaller, and jumped from time to time, as if it was about to fly away.
The gourd mouth of the fairy pot also opened, and there was a dense flow of fairy energy inside, making a rumbling sound. The Dao patterns on the surface of the Immortal Pot also began to flow, buzzing and vibrating, each Dao pattern changing, and various extraordinary Dao phenomena reflected from the Dao patterns.
This scene shocked everyone a

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