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The goddess looked expectant and said with a smile: “The Taoist didn’t give you any benefit?”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “I just seemed to see a Taoist in a trance, but I don’t know if there really is such a person.”
The goddess was confused: “There should be such a person, but he is just weird. Why didn’t he give you some benefits?”
Xu Ying did not take this seriously and said with a smile: “I have already received a lot of benefits from the Yuxu Palace in Kunlun Realm. I have understood the great ways of heaven and earth there, and understood the fairyland and cave hidden in Yuchi. Why do I need to ask for more benefits? Just Taoist Taoist Taiqing wants to give me the King Kong Zhuo, but I don’t dare to ask for such a benefit.”
The goddess smiled and said: “That’s true. Poor that big snake, now I’m afraid it will be scared to death. What are the plans of the immortal master?”
Xu Ying said: “I am determined to go to the underworld to find the Great Emperor of Beiyin and find out the whereabouts of the 12th floor of the Underworld Realm. The 12th floor of the Underworld Realm is probably the place where I understood the 12th floor of the other side of the gushing spring!”
The goddess smiled and said: “The four giants in the underworld are all seriously injured and have not recovered. If you look for Beidi, you may not be able to find him. But I know that there may be Huangting Mansion in a place, and you can find it easily.”
Xu Ying asked: “This place you are talking about?”
Xu Ying had a sudden thought. With his current strength, going to Wei Xu might be a dead end. But the goddess is right. It will be difficult to find the Beiyin Emperor, Dongyue, and Cangwu who are avoiding the pursuit of the immortal world. Instead of wasting time looking for Beidi, it is better to go to Wei Xu.
However, he still wanted to go to the underworld.
/Because he got the news from Fang Songhuai, the director of the Thunder Department, who chased his father deep into Wangxiang Terrace, where he lost track of his father.
He wanted to go to the underworld and have a look there.
“If you can’t find your father or Beidi, then go to Wei Xu and give it a try!”
Xu Ying hesitated again and again and decided to take Gong Qi and Dazhong with him. As for the grave grass, he stayed in Penglai Fairy Mountain to practice.
What he is looking for this time is the world of Yuanshou.
After a long time, when the portal opened again, what appeared behind the portal was the familiar scenery, Jiuyi Mountain and sycamore trees.
After more than seven years of absence, Xu Yingyi finally returned to his hometown. Unable to conceal his excitement, he walked into the door.
Four wild worlds.
The God King Xuankong came. Because of his failure at Mount Sumeru, he had to stay away from the Great World of Taishi to avoid being besieged and purged by various immortal sects. Mr. Tamagawa is not dead either, so it is not too difficult to eradicate him.
The figure of God King Xuankong merged with the sky, floating like floating

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