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Feb 9, 2024

The Heavenly Sword flew like a sword and cut off Tiantiao’s head. The Heavenly Secret was put into the umbrella by the Heavenly Umbrella and refined into ashes.
Tian Tiao died in the Heaven Pot, and Tian Shang died in the light of the Heaven Mirror!
In just a short moment, the world of Heavenly Dao became a slaughterhouse, with corpses of dead gods everywhere. There were other gods fleeing desperately, rushing towards the Tongtian River. Some gods even tore the sky directly, intending to violate the laws of heaven and go down to the lower realm!
In the great world of Yongkang, the wind is gentle and the sun is beautiful, and the sky is clear.
Suddenly, the sky split open, and the huge body of God Tianfeng tore open the sky, and descended from the world of heaven!
The body of the god was like the condensed form of a hurricane, with a huge body and eyes like the eye of the wind, extremely powerful. However, the Yongkang World is a big world after all, with a long heritage, and many immortal kings and immortal monarchs are born in this world. The holy land here is like a forest. Which holy land does not have ten or twenty rising rays of light?
Not to mention the gods, even the king of gods has to bend his back and be cautious when he comes here.
However, the next moment, the people in the Yongkang world saw that the god of heaven was suddenly poured into the boundless sky fire. The wind assisted the fire, and it actually burned in the body of the god of sky wind. In an instant, the god of heaven was burned into a ball of ashes. Falling from the air!
/The people in Yongkang Great World were stunned. In each holy land, the Qi Practitioners opened their mouths and looked at the falling ashes, speechless for a long time.
In the Longxing World, there are also gods who suddenly tear apart the sky and lean into the lower world, trying to escape from the world of heaven. Suddenly, a steel fork stabbed out from behind, impaling the god!
The huge fork even pierced the barrier between the two realms, causing the sky to bleed, and the divine blood flowed down like a waterfall.
The god was not dead yet and let out a shrill scream, but the next moment an extremely huge ax fell and chopped off the head of the god.
Similar scenes also occurred in Changyang, Zhuanzhou, Helin, Yingtian, Pingjiang, Canglang and other worlds. In these places, gods also escaped, and before they came, they were killed by the divine weapons of heaven!
There were even gods who escaped from the world of heaven and came to the lower world, but were killed by the heavenly artifacts that fell from the sky!
This scene is thrilling, cruel and outrageous.
“Something must have happened in the world of Heaven!” People in these worlds were frightened and secretly speculated.
It didn’t take long before the three hundred and sixty righteous gods of heaven were promised to be killed. As for the other gods who were not righteous gods, they were often the gods of the earth and other gods in the heavens and the world, and were not among the righteous go

By sangna