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Wei Xu’s expression was gloomy and uncertain, “I’m afraid only those old monsters above Nine Heavens can overwhelm him, right?”
On the altar, Xu Ying’s eyes widened, but he couldn’t see anything in his eyes, only boundless darkness.
He couldn’t hear sounds from outside, had no touch or perception, and all his senses seemed to be sealed.
This is his universe of consciousness, also called the sea of ??consciousness, the ocean of divine consciousness, but now there is no light or color, as if his universe of consciousness is blocked by an extremely huge thing.
I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly there was a ray of light in the boundless darkness. The ray of light was unknown how long it was, and gradually extended, and then there was another ray of light, level with it.
After a while, the light gradually became wider, and the middle section became thinner on both sides. From that light, more light flowed like water and overflowed like fireworks.
/Those are two huge eyes.
The eyes of distant ancestors.
Voices finally came to Xu Ying’s ears. They were countless different kinds of dragon chants, coming from the ancient times, or even earlier. Some were old, some were young, some were deep, some were sharp, some were sad, and some were excited.
Various dragon chants gradually overlapped and turned into the same sound.
Xu Ying raised his head and looked at the eyes that covered the sky and covered the soul. These eyes seemed to have endless years flowing, telling the endless vicissitudes of the Dragon Clan.
The voice of his distant ancestor sounded in his mind: “Are you ready?”
“No!” Xu Ying said loudly.
The voice of the distant ancestor continued: “I am about to arrive. The moment my consciousness descends, you will no longer be you, but will merge with me. You will become me and become a part of the vast sea of ??distant ancestors.”
Xu Ying said loudly: “Yuanzu, I am not a Yuanshou! I don’t have the luck of your Longting! If you take my body, you will be dead! How about we all take a step back?”
/The voice of the distant ancestor came: “I am ready to come! Three, two, one”
Xu Ying cursed: “Old Long, are you listening? Your uncle, don’t act recklessly, it will kill both of us! Bastard Old Long, can you hear me?”
Boundless consciousness descended. At this moment, Xu Ying felt the extremely grand thoughts and consciousness invading his body. It was as if he saw strong dragons with different appearances. They were stalwart, powerful, and had the magnificent power to change the world!
The consciousness of the distant ancestors is not an individual consciousness, but a collective consciousness formed by the dragon clan’s distant ancestors who have engulfed each host for countless years!
He has a main consciousness, but he is also a collection of countless dragon clans!
In this collective, the consciousness of the distant ancestors is the most powerful, but the consciousness of other dragons combined is even greater!
In the face of this huge consciousness, even if

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