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ther, we are a family! He was just joking. How could you kill him? If our ancestors knew you did this,”


Feb 7, 2024

“The ancestors won’t know!”
Zhou Zhi’s eyes revealed a fierce light, he flipped his fleshy wings, and the golden feathers flew, turning into a torrent of golden feather flying knives, drowning those people!
After a while, the four people fell down and turned into four corpses!
Xu Ying just watched from the side without interfering. After Zhou Zhi killed the five Zhou family disciples, he looked at him with a ferocious look and said: “You are not thorough enough, the Zhou family will still find you.” head.”
Zhou Zhi was slightly startled, not understanding what he meant.
Xu Yingdao: “The Zhou family has the method of casting a golden body, and also has the method of questioning their souls. The souls of the five of them are still there. You only need to ask about their souls, and you will know that they died in your hands.”
Zhou Zhi looked at the bodies of the five people and frowned slightly.
Xu Ying said: “I have the celestial eye and can see people’s souls. After a person dies, the soul will not immediately leave the body and fly into the underworld, but will be tied to the feet of the corpse. At this moment, the souls of these five people are standing at their feet. , looking at you viciously.”
Zhou Zhi sneered, slapped the back of his head, and a white bone flag flew out from behind his head. It should be a treasure used by the ghost soldiers of the underworld under the White Bone Emperor.
Zhou Zhi shook the white bone flag and saw chains of white bones flying out of the flag, locking the five people’s wronged souls and pulling them into the flag.
Although he couldn’t see where the souls of these five people were, this underworld magic weapon was designed to conquer souls, and it was easy to capture the souls of these five people.
Zhou Zhi collected the bone flag and chuckled: “Now, you are the only one who knows my secret.”
Xu Ying smiled slightly and said: “That’s not true. Master Zhong, Gong Qi, come out.”
Zhou Zhi looked awe-inspiring, and a huge shadow slowly rose up from behind, covering him. He hurriedly turned around and looked up, only to see a huge head like a hill raised high, with manes and feathers on the back of its head fluttering like a flag.
This is a big snake.
An incredibly large snake.
His scales are like mirrors, reflecting the colors of the world. The sunlight falls on them and is reflected back into a rainbow.
On his head grew antler-like tender horns, one black and one white, bifurcated and pointed towards the sky behind his head.
His body was coiled around the extremely thick branches of the Sophora japonica, forcing the branches of the Sophora japonica to hang low.
/He hung upside down, raised his hill-like head, and looked at the “little thing” Zhou Zhi with confusion.
He is An Qi.
This time he transformed, not only did he not turn into a human, but he became even bigger.
/His body even exudes an aura from a distant barbaric era, as if an ancient power has been aw

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