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thick voice came from afar. The emperor, Tianzun and others followed the sound and saw a tall old man holding the hand of Emperor Changsheng and walking hand in hand. His long sleeves were fluttering and he was full of fairy spirit.


Feb 6, 2024

When the old man stepped into the dojo of the ginseng fruit tree, the emperor, Tianzun, Dongwang, Yuanjun and others felt awe-inspiring, and they all bowed down and said in unison: “Your Majesty, I welcome you!”
“Get up.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor chuckled, and went to the ginseng fruit tree together with Emperor Changsheng. He looked up at the fruit tree and said with a smile, “Friend Changsheng, you only picked three Tao fruits for yourself, why don’t you share the benefits with them?” ?This is not what the elders did.”
He let go of Emperor Changsheng’s hand and walked forward, raising his hand to pick off a Dao Fruit.
The ginseng fruit tree seemed extremely angry, its roots and branches flying towards him!
When these attacks came to the Immortal Emperor Supreme, they seemed to encounter invisible resistance. Every branch could not get close to his body, and was nailed in the air, unable to advance or retreat.
/Seeing this situation, Emperor Changsheng praised sincerely: “Brother Tao’s ability is becoming more and more unfathomable.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor smiled and said: “Yuan Daohai, come closer.”
Tianzun hurriedly bowed forward, and the Supreme Immortal Emperor put the Dao Fruit in his hand, and said with a smile: “You have worked hard to keep the immortal world safe, and I will give you this Dao Fruit. After you take the Dao Fruit, you must do it for Immortal Court is loyal.”
Tianzun bowed down and said: “I will be so angry that I will not hesitate to do anything!”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor raised his hand, passed through the thousands of branches of the ginseng fruit tree, picked another ginseng fruit, and said: “Zhou Wu, come closer.”
The emperor hurriedly stepped forward, and the Supreme Immortal Emperor placed the Dao Fruit in his hand and said: “Zhou Aiqing has made great contributions to the country, but unfortunately your qualifications are still relatively young, so I let you lead the emperors of the world. This is also an important task. After you take the Dao Fruit, I There is still something useful for you.”
The emperor thanked him: “I will dedicate myself to the immortal court and die to repay heaven’s grace!”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor raised his hand again, picked off another Dao Fruit, called Yuan Jun, and said with a smile: “Ling Ai Qing rules the female immortals in the world, and loves and respects other Yuan Juns. The world is peaceful, and Ling Ai Qing is half of the credit. ”
Yuan Jun took the Dao Fruit and bowed to thank the emperor for his kindness.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor picked off the Dao fruits one after another and gave them to Cai Tianzun, Ning Tianzun, Sixue Tianzun and Qingshan Tianzun. The four Tianzun burst into tears of gratitude and thanked the Emperor for his kindness.
However, the Supreme Immortal Emperor bes

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