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with seven stars, supporting and restraining you to change your fate. I even found demonic methods and used blood sacrifices. I killed thousands of monks to change your destiny. But no matter what method I tried, I failed.”


Feb 6, 2024

Waste Qingxuan said: “I don’t know about this.”
The Immortal Emperor sneered: “Of course you don’t know. If you knew, you would definitely not let me kill so many people to save your life. You would definitely tell me that man can defeat God, and don’t believe in fate. However, you still died due to disaster, The moment I knew you were going to die, I finally became disheartened. I will not save you, I will live for myself.”
He moved his feet, took a sip of the soup from the bowl, and said with a solemn expression: “I want to make plans for my future. You have bad luck, but I have the emperor’s destiny. My emperor’s destiny will not appear until you die. Only then can I hope to become the Supreme. Not only do I want to become the Supreme, I also want to become a unique Supreme, a perfect Supreme like you, or even surpass you!”
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan spat out a piece of bone and said, “Don’t just drink soup, eat some meat.”
The Immortal Emperor squatted in the corner, holding a piece of meat between his arms, and sneered: “While I am changing your fate against the will of heaven, I am also counting my own life. My life is the life of the Nine-Five Supreme Being, and it is the life of a meteoric rise, but it is also Even if my life is covered by dark clouds, there will always be a few people who can climb over my head and make me unhappy! But it is much easier to change my life than to change yours. So I made a plan before you died. Then, I will A seed was planted for my future! The seed was planted in Kunlun. After you died, the seed began to sprout. It was not until 48,000 years ago that he was finally born.”
Zitong Yuanjun listened with rapt attention. There was a piece of meat in her mouth, which she chewed quietly without daring to make a sound.
The good-for-nothing Qingxuan’s memory is not complete, but he only vaguely remembers such a person.
“His name is Xu You, he is the ancestor of the Xu family, and he admires you very much. He once wanted to follow the rebels, but you asked him to guard Kunlun, saying that Kunlun is a passage to all realms and has a great responsibility. So he has stayed in Kunlun.”
/The Immortal Emperor said, “After you passed away, I went to see him and passed on the Six Secrets to him in your name, saying that it was passed down by the teacher before his death. He burst into tears with gratitude, but in fact the Six Secrets were changed from your Six Great Scenes. Six The secret became the ancestral tradition of the Xu family and was finally passed down to Xu Jing’s generation. Xu Jing had a son named Xu Ying.”
/Everything finally entered the future he deduced.
As the Xujiaping tragedy occurred, Xu Jing and his wife protected Xu Ying and escaped from Kunlun. Later, the Immortal Emperor adopted Xu Ying’s mother Lan Suying as his adopted daughter, for

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