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lemate with the other four emperors, and trying his best to make the Emperor of Heaven catch his pigtails!


Feb 6, 2024

The Master of Ten Thousand Ways said humbly: “I know that I am no match for the Demon Lord. This little trick is just to delay the return of the Emperor’s class teacher to the court.”
Lu Nan looked very sad. These words touched his sore spot. He had no time to fight with the Master of Ten Thousand Daos. The speed of life and death meant that he didn’t have much time left.
If he couldn’t take away Lu Bei’s position as Emperor of Heaven before Lu Bei took over the Heavenly Demon Realm, he would be nothing by then.
“Ho ho ho”
The ten-eyed demon pressed down with six arms, roaring into the void and chaos.
Ten scarlet gazes swept across, interspersed in disorder, and the projection was boundless and chaotic. The supernatural power and power were so powerful that even the Taisu Wujitian who returned to the original state could not bear it.
The silent darkness exploded continuously, exploding into cracks that shattered the mirror.
Countless long black tails inserted along the cracks, plundering the darkness for their own use, actually intending to seize the Tai Su Wuji Tian for their own use.
“It’s incredible, even the passage of time cannot suppress this big devil. It is worthy of being beheaded by the Emperor of Heaven.”
“There’s so much nonsense, what time is it!”
The Emperor of Heaven is not here, so who are you bragging to?
Zhulong was almost mad to death. He pushed away the crooked Master of Ten Thousand Ways with a slap, and after a long roar, he manifested his demon body.
/The long red snake, held head to tail, surrounds the Taisu Wuji Heaven, using its magical power to draw the law of reincarnation, weakening the ten-eyed demon’s pace of devouring the heaven and earth.
But that’s all.
“You’re an eyesore, I don’t have time to play with you.”
The face of chaos roared, the body of the ten-eyed demon rose in an instant, the six arms holding up the sky extended infinitely, and the myriads of dharma forms were immeasurable and indescribable.
But seeing the torrents of demonic flames surging fiercely, the great demon stepped on the starry sea star cluster, and his six arms rolled up the storm tide, blowing out the starlight and making it dim and dead. He could easily tear the universe apart and destroy everything in the world.
The six arms raised up and grabbed the long red snake surrounding Taisu Wujitian. They pressed it down with all their strength and pressed the Zhulong Demon Body tightly underneath it.
The candle dragon roared repeatedly, its vertical eyes opened and closed, and its magical power was so powerful that it forcibly dyed the darkest ten-eyed demon in the world gray and white.
But that’s all.
In just a short moment, the ten-eyed demon returned to the darkness. The ten red eyes looked down at the candle dragon and roared out the dark demonic thoughts without any impurities.
Great sound!
/There was only a soft whisper in Zhulong’s ears, like love, like a drea

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