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the door, leaving only a gap, and said: “If you two don’t believe it, there is a talisman on the ground. You can pick it up and stick it on it.” between his eyebrows. If he doesn’t want to be sealed, he will have an attack.”


Feb 6, 2024

In the hall, the Holy Emperor and Zhou Qiyun looked at each other and looked at the talisman on the ground.
Zhou Qiyun bent down, picked up the fallen talisman, and put it between the eyebrows of the ancient Qi Refiner. Just as his hand was about to touch the brow of the Qi Refiner’s body, the ancient Qi Refiner suddenly grinned.
The mouth is split to the ears.
Showing a mouth full of sharp teeth.
His eyes were almost entirely white, with only an inverted pupil in the middle!
Xu Ying closed the door of the hall tightly. In the hall, thunder suddenly rolled, dragons roared and tigers roared. The whole hall shook violently, and a dazzling light shone from the hall. The light shot out from the gap in the door of the hall.
Just hearing the harsh sound of swish, swish, swish, those rays of light flew out, reaching the mountains dozens of miles away. Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang, and Guo Xiaodie looked dull. They saw that the mountain head looked like a steamed bun that had been cut more than a dozen times, but it was not cracked.
The movements in the hall became more and more terrifying, as if there were ancient giant beasts fighting, causing the entire mountain to shake!
“Xu Demon King, what is it that got into that Qi Refiner’s body?” Guo Xiaodie said loudly.
Xu Ying looked up at the plaque above the door. The bird seal and insect inscriptions on the plaque were complicated and difficult to understand, but he could recognize them.
/Chaozhen Taixu Cave Heaven Suppresses Demon Palace!
“Demon.” He told Guo Xiaodie.
The Qi Refiner on the shrine was a demon-suppressing Qi Refiner, but he was eventually invaded by the demon. The demon ate his soul, took control of his body, and sat in a shrine like a god, enjoying the worship of the world in an attempt to become a god.
In the Demon Suppression Hall, another violent shock was heard. The earthworm-like flesh and blood attached to the water tank at the feet of Xu Ying and others suddenly twitched and trembled, and then returned to calm.
Everyone’s hearts were pounding as they looked at the entrance to the hall.
There was silence in the hall.
Blood suddenly gurgled out from the crack in the door, and the smell was extremely fishy.
Guo Xiaodie and Yuan Weiyang hurriedly covered their mouths and noses. At this moment, the door was opened from the inside. Zhou Qiyun was covered in blood and in a miserable state. There were even unhealed wounds on his face and body.
There was blood at the corner of his mouth and blood on his white eyebrows. He limped out of the Demon Suppression Hall. You could even see broken bones and stubble in the wound on his thigh, which was so white!
How has the majestic white-browed ancestor of the Zhou family ever been in such a mess?
He grabbed Xu Ying’s collar, lifted Xu Ying up, and said viciously: “Y

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