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The three realms are in peace, so why should we start a war again?”


Jan 31, 2024

The Holy Lord shook his head and said: “Your Majesty is a benevolent emperor, but he is not pioneering enough.”
He did not continue to mention this matter, because the Earth Immortal World is currently enjoying great momentum, and there are many masters. People will die when the war starts, which is likely to interrupt this momentum. Moreover, there are relics of the Yuan Realm that are eyeing the human world, and the heavenly and earthly immortals are not allowed to start a war.
Everyone returned to the Earthly Immortal Realm, and Xu Ying took out the “Hundong Immortality Sutra” and studied it carefully. Shengzun, Waste Qingxuan and others also stayed to meditate on this sutra together.
There are many missing parts in the “Hundong Immortal Sutra”, and it is more difficult to comprehend than the Pi Jie Sutra. Even though Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang, Waste Qingxuan and Sheng Zun are all geniuses who have never been born in the past 600,000 years, It is also extremely difficult to comprehend.
Even the waste Qingxuan once wondered whether the immortals of Yuanjie were using this sutra to distract them so that they could not concentrate on practicing and improving their strength.
Unknowingly, three years have passed, and many young people have entered the Yuanjie ruins to study, and learned many untold secrets of the Yuanjie from there. But the greatest impact on the three realms is the exchanges between the heavenly and earthly realms.
In the Earthly Immortal Realm, many masters from the human race and monster race came to the Heavenly Immortal Realm one after another to decipher the magical powers of Taoism on the other side and reinterpret these techniques with the new Taoism. The Celestial Realm also sent many dragons to the Earthly Immortal Realm to study and learn new ways.
/Exchanges between the two worlds are becoming increasingly popular.
On this day, Ming Dao Emperor announced that he would resign from the throne and would cut off his cultivation and practice a new way, which caused an uproar in the immortal world. Even the Earthly Immortal Realm was greatly shaken.
The useless Qingxuan said to Xu Ying and others: “The Ming Dao Emperor gave up his cultivation three years ago and has been re-cultivating it for three years. He actually said this because he has made some achievements in the new path and has successors. .”
/Sure enough, the news came that Princess Mingman had become the empress of the Dragon Clan, and the old emperor Ming Xun also made great progress in cultivation and became the top powerhouse of the Dragon Clan.
The realm where the old emperor Ming Xun defeated Ming Dao Emperor and himself was refined into magic weapons, including two immortal treasures.
Princess Mingman is the second ancestor of Xin Dao in the Celestial Realm. With the two immortal treasures and the assistance of Ming Xun and Ming Dao, her throne was soon stabilized.
What we have to guard against now is whether Xu Jing, the Immortal Emperor of the Earthly

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