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teristics of the insect tide, if there are two simultaneous attacks, it will inevitably cause chaos.


Dec 17, 2023

General Adams stood in front of a huge map, pulling arrows representing various units with his hands, rearranging the next war.
All soldiers in the entire headquarters are calculating relevant data around General Adams’ new plan.
The military headquarters has no intention of sending out this tired division that has just won the battle. This line of defense still needs to be defended.
“Lieutenant Mawson, if you call me for anything, I’ll take a rest next door!” David was thinking about the body of the ‘Assassin Mantis’ and there was no point in staying here, so he ordered Lieutenant Mawson.
“Lieutenant Colonel, you go and have a rest. I will remind you if something happens!” Second Lieutenant Mohsen responded immediately.
David nodded, and he opened the door to the side. The room next to it was a lounge. Although it was extremely simple, it was wartime and there was nothing particular about it.
As soon as he entered the lounge, David summoned the Shadow Attendant, and then the body of the ‘Assassin Mantis’ was removed from the Shadow Attendant’s space item.
The 1.5-meter-tall ‘Assassin Mantis’ looked extremely thin. If David had not fought with it, he would not have believed that it was a level four Zerg.
David had no intention of handing over the body of ‘Assassin Mantis’. Such a level 4 Zerg killed by him using too many talents would bring him a lot of unnecessary trouble if the body was handed over. .
He first used his spirit to draw a ‘Poison Pattern’, and used the ‘Poison Pattern’ to absorb the poison from the body of the ‘Assassin Mantis’. Otherwise, it would be impossible to collect materials from the corpse of the fourth-level Zerg ‘Assassin Mantis’.
/As wisps of black mist flew out of the body of ‘Assassin Mantis’, the ‘Poison Pattern’ disappeared after absorbing the last trace of black mist.
It was only then that David dared to touch the body of ‘Assassin Mantis’ with his hands. Although he had the talent of ‘poisoning’, he did not dare to directly touch the body that was corroded by the poison.
He carefully pulled apart the hidden blade of ‘Assassin Mantis’, revealing its two blades that glowed lavender.
These two blades of lavender light, even without testing them, can feel their terrifying sharpness just by looking at them.
David thought back and realized that the defense of ‘Assassin Mantis’ was quite weak. Although he was using a fifth-level ax blade at the time, he could still feel the shortcomings of ‘Assassin Mantis’ defense.
According to the general characteristics of the Zerg race, if there is a huge flaw in one aspect, it will inevitably have a huge advantage in another aspect.
These two blades of lavender light should be the advantage of ‘Assassin Mantis’. David didn’t know about ‘Assassin Mantis’, but he naturally had this idea after seeing the two blades.
There is no description of the ‘Assassin Mantis’ in the Federation. Maybe it is like the third-level Zerg ‘Electric Scorpion’

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