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they knew that David was fine.


Dec 17, 2023

However, the two masters were extremely excited when they received the news from David. The long period of no news made them somewhat worried.
After getting a response from David, they suddenly found support.
Especially Master Alva, he represents David in the Alto Fund and looks after David’s huge estate.
Without David’s intimidation, how could he gain a foothold in the Ertuo Fund.
Master Alva, with the intelligence support of Master Healy, is in charge of the trade fair between the battle star and the divine world, as well as the resources obtained from the battle star, which is the material basis for worshiping the extraordinary.
Now that the Ertuo Fund can have four extraordinary worshipers, it is due to the resources controlled by Master Alva, which also makes the four extraordinary worshipers indirectly controlled by him.
President Crabb of the Erto Fund did not dare to compete for this part of the power. At least as long as David was alive, he would not have the courage to do this. This was the deterrent power that David had established through the lives of countless strong men.
David’s identity bracelet is naturally not easy to trace. He has master-level ‘electronic countermeasures’ capabilities, so it is easy to hide the location of the identity bracelet.
Although he had received information on Battle Star before, he felt relieved after actually seeing the news everywhere.
In one year, there haven’t been many changes on the Interstellar Federation side.
/This allowed David to continue his cultivation path with peace of mind. After completing his mission, he could also return to the divine world without any worries.
He put away David’s identity bracelet, replaced it with Arthur’s identity bracelet, and put it on his wrist.
After several days of sailing, no danger was encountered, mainly because no air pirate or mercenary group dared to attack a military medium-sized fleet.
Of course, even if there is no medium-sized fleet of the military, as long as the federal people are aware, they will not trouble the divine world’s “Starry Sky Ship”.
Because the combat prowess between them is not at the same level at all. The highest combat prowess of the air pirates and the mercenary group is only peak warriors. However, as long as there are knights on the ‘Star Sky Ship’, they have extraordinary strength.
Finally, we came to the portal at the edge of the war zone. It seemed that because of David, the portal here was cleared.
David once again asked Shadow Warrior to hide aside with the summoning ring. The scan in front of the portal was also the last scan from the war zone to the peaceful area to prevent Zerg from mixing in.
“It’s still convenient to use the teleportation gate of the divine world!” David said looking at the huge teleportation gate that existed in space in front of him.
To be honest, the portal of the Interstellar Federation is much larger than the portal of the Divine World. Even behemoths such as battleships can easily pass through. Only an aircraft carri

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