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e war. It is inappropriate to issue too many medals for such a war. .


Dec 17, 2023

“I would like to invite Lieutenant Elmer and Sergeant Girard to come on stage!” Lieutenant Eaton said in a deep voice.
Lieutenant Elmer and Sergeant Girard walked to the front of the stage and stood facing the people in the audience.
“Thank you for your bravery. On behalf of the military region, I award you the Iron Star Medal!” Lieutenant Eaton looked at his two men with a smile on his face. He took the Iron Star Medal from the soldier on the side and put it on each of them.
“Fight for the Union, die for the Union!” Lieutenant Elmer and Soldier Gilad shouted in unison, and then gave a military salute to Lieutenant Eaton, and then to everyone in the audience, showing the iron in front of them. Star Medal.
“Everyone, I think everyone knows that in this war, a hero appeared in our Perrin City. A hero used a long-range sniper gun to snipe and kill one hundred and twelve first-level Zerg and three second-level Zerg. Among them is the nightmarish existence of the Bewildering Brainworm, who saved the city of Perrin and saved millions of citizens!” Eaton’s voice became louder and more powerful as he narrated.
“We invite David Kerr, the hero of Perrin City, to come on stage!” Lieutenant Eaton said loudly.
Everyone in the conference hall stood up, even the well-disciplined soldiers stood up neatly and applauded David.
“David, on behalf of the military, I thank you!” Lieutenant Eaton stepped forward and hugged David forcefully and said, as if this was the only way to express his mood at this time.
“Lieutenant Eaton, I just did what I should do!” David said with some restraint.
“The Rock Star Military Region has entrusted me to award you the Silver Star Medal and record your achievements in combat. The military welcomes you to join after graduation at any time!” Lieutenant Eaton said loudly.
With a “boom”, the entire conference hall boiled.
It turned out to be the Silver Star Medal, which was already the highest medal that the Rockstar Military Region could award. Any higher-level medal must be awarded directly by the Federal Command.
You must know that David is not a soldier. Generally, only soldiers can obtain this Silver Star Medal.
In fact, David’s status as a military reserve combatant played a big role in the determination of the medal.
David was different from those civilian soldiers who were temporarily recruited. He was a real member of the military and was just a reserve personnel who was not taken seriously.
But whether they are preparatory or official, they are all members of the military system, which means that when choosing rewards for David, the military unanimously approved the choice of military medals.
As for why it was awarded the Silver Star Medal, the biggest reason was the bewildering brainworm.
Even if you kill a Bewitching Brain Worm on a battle star, you will get a big reward, let alone a rock star on the edge of the war zone.
/Another reason is David’s potential. A powerful sniper who has not yet become a soldier c

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