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one month in advance. After excluding the research time required, almost as soon as the research results are released, the Flagg Award will be reviewed. Qualification for ‘Study on the Effects of Biomaterial Alloys on Kryptonite Engines’.


Dec 16, 2023

Maybe this is a very troublesome thing for other people, but for Vice Dean Balfour, it is just a matter of words.
Most of the review members for the Flagg Award belong to the Federal Research Institute. As the vice president of the Federal Research Institute, it is not a problem to say hello on this matter.
It’s not a matter of principle, it’s just the qualification to participate in the Flagg Award. No one will embarrass Vice Dean Balfour in this regard.
“No problem, but you’d better get the research results out as soon as possible. The earlier you do it, the more time you have for publicity and promotion. Then I can help you run the Flagg Award!” Vice President Balfour saw that David Good reputation, so he made a big promise.
Indeed, as long as David comes up with the research results in advance, there is no problem if Vice President Balfour helps with the operation, because this is also building momentum for Vice President Balfour himself.
As long as David’s achievements are greater, the more effective the leadership of Vice President Balfour will be demonstrated.
Especially now that David is directly subordinate to Vice President Balfour, and his achievements are all attributed to Vice President Balfour.
Ewell extraordinary heard that the surveillance personnel he sent said that Arthur went to the Pinshang Tea Room alone and entered the box.
This immediately made Ewell’s extraordinary mind arouse. He also knew that there were many groups of forces monitoring Arthur recently. The surveillance personnel he sent alone discovered four groups, and there were some more hidden ones that were not discovered.
This made Ewell Chaofan not want to wait any longer. If Arthur hadn’t been running between the villa and the seaside research institute, never going anywhere else, leaving him no chance, he would have taken action long ago.
Now that David had entered the box, how could he miss this opportunity.
There is no monitoring equipment in the box. This kind of business box is usually prepared for business meetings. If monitoring equipment is installed in the box, no one will dare to discuss business.
So as long as he moves quickly enough, it won’t be a problem to take Arthur away without alerting the security system.
Ewell Chaofan walked into the Pinshang Tea Room, and two of his men made a fuss on the other side for an excuse, attracting the attention of the entire Pinshang Tea Room, and the waiter hurriedly ran over to deal with it.
Ewell Chaofan took this opportunity and came to the door of box number two.
He stretched out his hand and exerted a lot of force. No matter how strong the box door was, it could not withstand the extraordinary force.
/Hearing a click, the door lock was disconnected, Ewell Chaofan opened the door and walked in.
David discovered Ewell as early as

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